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Contemporary art is powerful, inspiring, inviting and engaging. Art moves, questions and is a reflection of the space we live, work, stay and play in - and this is what drives us.


Since 2014, we have had the pleasure of building collections all over the world, from luxury hotels to distinctive family homes.

Private Art Collections

VELVENOIR curates and builds meaningful art collections that enrich personal spaces, reflecting individual tastes while providing long-term aesthetic and financial value.

Luxury Hospitality Projects

VELVENOIR curates, procures, and manages art collections for luxury hospitality brands and real estate developers, creating signature experiences that inspire, engage, and delight guests.

Strategic Art Collaborations

VELVENOIR hosts private art dinners, stage artworks in show-flats, and collaborates with international artists and galleries, enhancing luxury estate sales with tailored communication and branding strategies.

Alexandra Schafer

Driven by contemporary art and our diverse clientele, we curate, procure and commission art for public and private spaces in properties around the world.

When Alexandra Schafer founded VELVENOIR,she merged a passion for contemporary art with her background in the high-end hospitality world. Her entire approach has been formed through her international travels and past experiences.

Traveling throughout the year to international art fairs, exhibitions, and studios, she regularly works to keep a pulse on the contemporary market. Her passion and longstanding engagement with emerging, established, and indigenous artists demonstrates her commitment to championing and showcasing critical and compelling visual art.


Our mission is to foster and support culture while championing contemporary artists through curated collections, commissions, and personalized guidance.

With a focus on contemporary art, we integrate hospitality and project management expertise to create impactful, story-driven environments. Since 2014, we’ve collaborated with emerging to blue-chip artists and galleries, fostering culture and excellence.

VELVENOIR’s team comprises international art advisors, museum curators, engineers, communication experts, art handlers, restoration and art valuers, collaborating with vetted experts to tailor solutions for clients’ diverse needs and projects.

Our journey started in 2013 amidst the Australian Outback, drawing inspiration from indigenous art during travels from Alice Springs to Darwin. VELVENOIR was founded in Salzburg, Austria by Alexandra Schafer from these experiences, dedicated to democratizing contemporary art.


At VELVENOIR, our reputation as a trusted art consultancy is built on a foundation of trust, a proven track record, and an unwavering commitment to excellence. We prioritize personalized service, always striving to exceed the expectations of our clients and partners. Our collectors and clients are at the heart of everything we do, and every aspect of our business is designed to enhance their experience and satisfaction.

At VELVENOIR, our culture is built on a commitment to exceptionally high standards. We consider the lasting impact of our work, recognizing that the future of art curation requires a sustainable approach. This ethos guides every aspect of our business, as we curate collections with a view to creating a lasting legacy. We strive to leave an indelible mark on the art world, ensuring that our contributions enrich both present and future generations.

At VELVENOIR, our commitment to art curation is driven by a profound sense of responsibility to our collectors, investors, and the communities we engage with. We strive to elevate the quality of every collection we curate, focusing on aesthetics, craftsmanship, and value. Collaborating exclusively with top-tier artists and experts, we ensure that we deliver exceptional art experiences for all stakeholders. We take our role in the art world seriously, continually pushing the boundaries to enhance our offerings. This dedication is our core, evident in every project we undertake.

At VELVENOIR, we believe that transforming the art world requires both courage and a desire to stand out. We’ve set the bar for exceptional art curation and will continue to lead as the art market evolves. Innovation and originality are our hallmarks, whether we’re curating for private collections, luxury hotels, or corporate spaces. We are committed to pushing boundaries and redefining standards, ensuring every project is as unique and inspiring as the art itself.

VELVENOIR_Art Consultancy_Kunstberatung_Salzburg_Vienna


What’s your vision, what do you hold most important and how can we help you get there? For private collectors, we can source and curate an entire collection or even organise a unique commission that will fit perfectly into your space. In a hospitality or interior design context, it all starts with preparing a bespoke concept or a story that you can share with your guests. By working with you on researching and creating a cohesive story for your space and property, we’ll be able to turn your concept into a vibrant reality. 

We source and commission local and international artwork from studios, fairs and galleries all over the world, ensuring that we find the perfect piece or collection for your space, and to suit your budget, too. And don’t worry, we’ll deal with all the logistics here. We offer full project management – from acquisition, procurement and insurance, to shipping and museum-spec framing. Our creative approach is paired with state of the art technology to ensure that you stay in the loop through the entire process.

We’ll professionally install as well as fully document each work, providing you with your personal art collection folder and remaining at your service going forward. Our hand-over for all our hospitality spaces even includes workshops, to train your team how to tell the story of your new collection in your luxury hotel or corporate space, enabling you to share your powerful art collection to the guests of tomorrow.

We focus on curated styling with fine-art objects, accessories, and books, ensuring each element complements the project at hand and supports the narrative of the art collection built. For our commercial clients, we offer communication and branding support, including workshops, while for our private collectors we document and manage the entire art collection acquired. This phase ensures your art collection is not only beautifully displayed but also effectively communicated and maintained for long-term enjoyment and appreciation.

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