Mandarin Oriental,Savoy Zurich

VELVENOIR curates a poetic art collection for the Mandarin Oriental Savoy, Zurich, blending the hotel’s historic essence with contemporary art. The collection, featuring 25 commissioned works, largely by female artists, bridges Zurich’s vibrant history and modernity. 

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Zurich, CH


Mandarin Oriental Group


Allco AG | Credit Suisse


turn-key art consultancy & styling

Poetic Art Collection awaits guests while staying at the hotel.

The Mandarin Oriental Savoy, Zurich, now showcases a poetic art collection blending the hotel’s historic essence with contemporary art. Originally opened as the Hotel Baur on Paradeplatz in 1838, the hotel has a rich history. Renowned designer Tristan Auer revamped its 44 rooms and 36 suites, inspired by Zurich’s colors and landscape. The curated collection, featuring 25 works primarily by female artists, connects the vibrant past with a modern identity. VELVENOIR’s interdisciplinary team collaborated with local galleries and emerging artists, capturing diverse facets of Zurich. This artistic engagement transforms the hotel into a cultural landmark, fostering creativity and cultural exchange, and elevates it as a center of artistic expression and cultural charm in Zurich.

Photo Credit: Diana Iskander


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