international art consultancy

The brand VELVENOIR is registered under


Alexandra Schafer Consulting
Adress: Plainbachstr. 12, 5101 Bergheim bei Salzburg,  Austria
Registered Tax Number: ATU 73290217
Founded 2018.
registered trade license: trade of goods and consulting 


DLS Schafer GmbH
Wilhelm-von-Exner Str.14, 5020 Salzburg, Austria
Registerted company number FN 418192p
Registered Tax No. 91 175/1329-25.
Founded in 2014.
registered trade license: consulting and event management 

Responsible for this website is Alexandra Schafer


M: +43 / 676 55 11 252


This website presents information about products and services of our company. Due to the easier readability, we do not use gender specific terms on this website. Nevertheless, all people are equally close to our heart. 

This imprint applies not only to this website, but also to our social media accounts, running under VELVENOIR.  

Photo Credits on this website:
Merten Riesner 
Katharina Axmann 
Jürgen Deimbacher
Catherine Roider 
James Porschen
Lieb.Ich Productions
Ema Peter Photography
Diana Iskander 

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