Michelin Star Restaurant Orsini

When entering Orsini a Michelin Star Restaurant, guests are welcomed by Giuseppe Lo Schiavo’s innovative photography and Livia Marin’s site-specific ceramic mural. Experience authentic Italian fare amidst an engaging wall installations, enhancing every dining moment.

VELVENOIR_Orsini_Michelin Star Restaurant_Mandarin Oriental Savoy_Zurich


Zurich, CH


Mandarin Oriental Group


Credit Suisse | UBS


turn key art consultancy, concept development, procurement and storytelling

Savour exceptional Italian fine dining at ORSINI.

Led by award-winning Consultant Chef Antonio Guida, ORSINI offers authentic flavours in an intimate and sophisticated setting.

When entering the Orsini Restaurant, a curated experience awaits you in works from Giuseppe Lo Schiavo and Livia Marin. Experience a celebration of authentic Italian fare surrounded by sculptures and installations that intrigue and engage. These pieces invite patrons to appreciate the heritage of the Italian region while indulging in a special occasion or joyous experience while dining. They spark conversations, capture celebratory moments, and transport diners to far-off destinations while enhancing the dining journey.

Photo Credit: Diana Iskander


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