Residence New York, USA

Committed to sustainability, VELVENOIR partnered with Laurence Carr for her eco-conscious residential project in New York, crafting a personalized, vibrant art collection.







interior designer

Laurence Carr

Eco-conscious Collaboration

We take sustainability seriously at VELVENOIR, and so when Laurence Carr approached us to join her on her latest residential project – we instantly joined her on this. Carr follows an ethos of circularity, sustainability, and healthy living. In selecting and curating a personal art collection for this New York family home, we carefully tailored our concept to suit this environmentally sensitive interior design.

While staying true to Carr’s vision, we wanted to source a collection that really represented our clients. They love anything mix-media, and like us, are keen supporters of emerging artists. This allowed us to create a young and vibrant collection, highlighting some of the most exciting mix-media artists from around the world. 

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