Private Collection

Recently we´ve concluded a project in collaboration with the local interior designer based in Frankfurt –  Simone Jüschke. We went through a process of carefully choosing art that not only blended with the modern look and high-quality materials, but also translated the couple’s passion for Chopin and Van Gogh within their art collection.

Through multiple conversations with our collectors, a lot of questions asked, we unanimously decided to commission the Serbian artist Dušica for the After Chopin piece, which is the statement piece for the living room, right next to the piano. While for the beautiful entrance hall, we´ve commissioned UK-based painter Paul Wright – known for his signature style, the powerful brushstroke and bold palette – the work couldn´t have been better for the collectors couple new entrance hall. Certainly, a project we´ve been grateful and proud of – knowing our collectors will engage with the works daily. 


Frankfurt, Germany





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