Private Collection, Los Angeles

A striking modern home by LA’s Griffin Enright’s Architects, we focused on California’s vibrant creativity to curate and build an art collection in dialogue with the property and interior design, placing emerging and established artists.


Venice, Los Angeles

Property developers

Parrish Ropack Development




art curation, branding & communication

Vibrant Art Collection

This strikingly modern home needed a statement collection to compliment it. Built by the award winning LA-based architecture firm Griffin Enright’s Architects, the space is a seamless combination of modern and contemporary design. We were invited by the developers to curate an art collection that focused on the vibrant creativity found in California, and that would enhance a well-balanced dialogue between the property and its design concept. 

In developing our tailored art concept inline with the interior design, we knew we had to find pieces that would both wow the new owners, and fit into the distinctive space. For us, it’s always essential to support and source emerging as well as established artists, and our curation highlights a lively mix of artists at every stage in their career, and through a multitude of mediums.

Photo Credit: James Porschen

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