Celebrating Zurich‘s Cultural Diversity

The collection, a celebration of Zurich‘s rich history and vibrant present, merges tradition with modernity, weaving together art, culture, pristine landscapes, and architectural heritage.

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VELVENOIR, the international art consultancy, is pleased to announce its role in curating and procuring the permanent art collection for the Mandarin Oriental Savoy, Zurich. The collection, a celebration of Zurich‘s rich history and vibrant present, merges tradition with modernity, weaving together art, culture, pristine landscapes, and architectural heritage.

VELVENOIR_Mandarin Oriental Savoy Zurich_Julia Steiner

International art collection – female focused 
The collection boasts contributions from 23 female artists out of 25 commissioned, with 7 Swiss artists among them. Notable contributors include Julia Steiner, Livia Marin, Stefani Kaegi, Angela Glacjar, Marie Schumann and Hiroko Yoshimoto, representing an eclectic mix of artistic perspectives.

Orsini Restaurant
A site-specific ceramic mural by artist Livia Marin at the Orsini Restaurant pays homage to the Orsini family‘s heritage and the tradition of Italian tile making from the XV century. The installation, formed by handcrafted tiles, invites viewers into the richness of tile design that was a key element in Renaissance culture.

Authentic interpretation through contemporary art
The curated artworks explore the multifaceted cultural identity of Switzerland, celebrating its pristine landscapes, international trade, cultural leisure, and architectural heritage. The collection serves as a testament to Zurich‘s artistic narrative and its transformation into a new cultural landmark.

Art Commissions from visual artists:
Each commissioned artwork conveys different facets of Zurich‘s rich history, creating a kaleidoscopic narrative that invites guests to celebrate the layers of vibrant Zurich and Switzerland within Mandarin Oriental Savoy.

VELVENOIR_Mandarin Oriental Savoy Zurich_Tristan Auer_UBS Art
VELVENOIR_Mandarin Oriental Savoy Zurich_Tristan Auer
VELVENOIR_Mandarin Oriental Savoy Zurich_Tristan Auer_44
VELVENOIR_Mandarin Oriental Savoy Zurich_Tristan Auer

The Mandarin Oriental Savoy, nestled within the historic Savoy Baur en Ville, transcends its timeless foundation and beautiful façade to become a cultural landmark deeply ingrained in Zurich‘s artistic narrative. The curated collection, a collaboration with contemporary and visual artists, reflects the multifaceted facets and fragments of Zurich, embodying the city‘s heritage within a broader international dialogue.

Highlights of the collection include commissioned works from 23 female artists, with 7 hailing from Switzerland. The diverse roster of artists includes Julia Steiner, Livia Marin, Mirela Cabral, Amélie Ducommun, Angela Glajcar, Delphine Burtin, Joana Gomes, Silvia Granata, Charlotte Herzig, Stefanie Kaegi, Marianne Lang, Lisa Lurati, Marius Lüscher, Jannis Paetzold, Dušica Pejić, Merten Riesner, Maria Sassetti, Giuseppe Lo Schiavo, Marie Schumann, Julia Steiner, Diana Taylor, Michael Wegerer, and Hiroko Yoshimoto.

Upon entering the hotel, guests are greeted not only by a luxurious setting but also by a sweeping panorama of Switzerland‘s magnificent landscapes. The lobby serves as a window to the dynamic energy of Zurich, highlighting the intersection of nature and urban life. The hotel becomes a gateway to Zurich‘s heartbeat, where the convergence of tram and Bahnhofstrasse paints a vivid picture of commerce, fashion, and daily life against the grandeur of majestic mountains and the tranquil River Linth.

The Mandarin Oriental Savoy‘s transformation into a cultural landmark is a testament to curated collaborations with Swiss contemporary and international artists, bridging historical foundations with the contemporary art and artisans collection. Each bespoke commissioned artwork conveys different facets of Zurich‘s rich history, celebrating the layers of vibrant Zurich and Switzerland within the Mandarin Oriental Savoy.

One of the highlights is the Mandarin room, featuring artworks inspired by the evening twilight and the sun setting over Lake Zurich. Delphine Burtin, Joana Gomes, Maria Sassetti, and Hiroko Yoshimoto have created unique pieces that capture the ever-changing nature of existence and the inherent beauty surrounding us. Guests staying in this captivating suite are invited to enjoy the tranquility that awaits, surrounded by contemporary artworks that reflect the spirit of Zurich.


„We take great pride in acquiring pieces from local galleries and commissioning emerging visual artists for this project. Each work is an authentic interpretation by the artists, inspired by facets and fragments that captivated them during their travels to or from Zurich. Our goal is to actively foster and support artistic practices, extending beyond the conventional gallery setting, and nurturing creativity within the hospitality spaces, breaking free from the traditional ‚white cube to inspired people globally through contemporary art.“

While another highlight is the presidential suite, where guests will encounter an exquisite array of works by Livia Marin, Silvia Granata and Stefanie Kaegi. This curated selection represents a fusion of diverse mediums carefully chosen to beckon guests into a tapestry of compelling narratives. The commissioned artworks draw inspiration from the cobblestone streets of Zurich, its architectural wonders, and the unique ambiance of strolling through Bahnhofstrasse and its surroundings.

This permanent art collection at the Mandarin Oriental Savoy stands as a testament to VELVENOIR‘s commitment to enhancing cultural experiences through art. It establishes the hotel as a hub for artistic expression and a testament to Zurich‘s cultural charm, inviting visitors to celebrate the dynamic layers of Switzerland within its walls..