At VELVENOIR, we share the power of contemporary art with the people we work.

Contemporary art is powerful, inspiring, inviting and engaging. Art moves, questions and is a reflection of the space we live, work, stay and play in - and this is what drives us.

When Alexandra Schafer founded VELVENOIR, she merged a passion for contemporary art with her background in the high-end hospitality sphere. Her entire approach has been formed through these past experiences, and has supported her desire to nurture artistic practice while working with her collectors and clients on a personal level.

We are building and managing art collections for generations with a cross-disciplinary and collaborative approach. We incorporate more than art into our practice. Relying on our multifaceted in-house and external collective, we build each project’s concept considering its aesthetic, dimensions, and function. Highlights include curated art collections, art commissions, private art dinners to personal guidance throughout all hospitality, commercial and private projects. With a strong emphasis on adding fiscal and aesthetic value to our clients’ portfolio.

We focus on contemporary art. Our out-of-the-box approach, which incorporates our hospitality and project management know-how, brings to life meaningful art collections and art-filled public and private environments that keep a record of excellence, quality, and originality while telling a powerful story. Our practice is fueled by the belief that the art of our times can make a difference and we have been doing this since 2014 collaborating with emerging to blue-chip artists and galleries. 

The Team behind VELVENOIR is an international collective of art advisors, museum curators, engineers, storytellers, sparring partners and creative minds. While collaborating with carefully vetted art writers, museum framers, art handlers, art insurances and restoration and valuation experts - we tailor each team based on our clients and projects requirements. 

Our journey began in 2013 in the Australian Outback, where we found inspiration in the art of indigenous artists. While traveling from Alice Sprints to Darwin. Moving back from Sydney, VELVENOIR was founded as from this special journey and moments collected  we've been dedicated to making contemporary art accessible to everyone, while personally joining our private collectors and clients - with our international resources. 

Alexandra | Managing Director

Viola & Jules | Art Consultants

VELVENOIR Art Consultancy_Art Advisory

Susana | Project Manager

Susana Osorio_VELVENOIR

Veronika | Art Historian


We are completely independent and possess no obligation to third parties regarding the sale or resale of art.


We source contemporary and indigenous art – globally from carefully vetted galleries, artist studios and / or auction houses and work on international residential and hospitality projects.

Hospitality Approach

We are at your service, going above and beyond to find your perfect blue-chip piece, building a strong art collection with your vision in mind but also offering bold and outside the box art concepts and strategies for luxury hospitality and commercial spaces with a story behind them.