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Full-service Art Consultancy & Advisory

We are at your service, going above and beyond to find your perfect blue-chip piece, building a strong art collection with your vision in mind but also offering bold and outside the box art concepts and strategies for luxury hospitality and commercial spaces, with an inspiring story behind.

Our close collaboration with leading international art galleries, artists and auction houses allows us to provide,  tailored guidance on contemporary art – focusing on contemporary art within the international art market. Our ultimate objective is to introduce you to emerging and blue-chip artists to build  significant art collections that appreciate in value over time. Our expertise lies in connoisseurship and global access to hidden artistic treasures, which forms the  foundation for embarking on our art collecting journey together.

We believe curating contemporary art isn’t just displaying pictures on a wall. It’s a combination of know-how in the art market, nurturing artist sourced from galleries, art fairs and artist studios locally and internationaly, with the given budget in mind. A curated art concept for any space is a powerful thing. If done right, it engages interaction, inspires people and invites dialogue.

We acquire and procure on behalf of our diverse clientele artworks from art fairs, artist studios or leading art galleries.  We oversee and manage this phase with diligence and attention to detail ensuring to stay within confirmed budget and timeline. 

We ensure that the framing specifications meet museum standards and handle all logistics, including packaging, importing, and installation in the designated areas, with us overseeing this entire process. . We work with strategic planning, organization, and execution of tasks and initiatives to ensure the successful delivery of the works.

Throughout our work we source fine-art accessories, objects and books and curate as well as procure these on behalf of our clients to conclude the project. 

Documentation of our work plays another essential part of our consultancy practice. From cataloging to inventory management, we handle every aspect of each collection and accessories inventory.  For each client we prepare a detailed folder, to access key information based on the acquired art collection and remaining at your service going forward.

We know the power of contemporary art and how to forge strategic collaborations on behalf of brands and developers bringing in international artists and galleries to build powerful collaborations, that increases awareness, attracts HNWI and more. 

Behind every art concept lies a powerful story, a narrative carefully researched and artworks carefully curated and commissioned, acquired to complement the story but also the space. To utilize these powerful art collection, our experience has shown us it’s all about living this story together with your team. So, we host workshops sharing these stories and help you communicate the powerful inspirations behind each artist right – to simply inspire your guests, employees or clients.