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curated by Alexandra Schafer and Inês Valle

Home is the place where we feel safe. A home is shared with family and a place where we welcome our most special friends. Home is the place to refill our energies and relax from a ruffled and busy day. These are some of the characteristics that makes “home” such a special place for all of us. Thus the curatorial concept “A Home for You” by VELVENOIR created specially for Alex-Lake Zurich tends to bring this notion of home, familiarity and tranquillity into its rooms, public spaces and the shared building.

“A Home for You” was co-curated by Inês Valle and Alexandra Schafer, where they focus both on the conceptual notions of home, belonging and life-sharing.

Therefore it was key to bring into the hotel an art collection that can manifest the richness and diversity that belongs to distinct artistic expressions from various cultures across the world. Thus curating an art collection that interweaves artworks by visual and indigenous artists from Serbia, Portugal, Italy, US and from the Zulu People of South Africa. The art collection will allow each guest to explore more than just “art” in a hotel.

The concept aims to countenance the experience in each art-work a “piece” of each territory, society and soul. Some artists created bespoke pieces especially for this concept, where the colours, history and élan of lake Zurich are playing a vital part of the inspiration for the artwork series, commissioned by VELVENOIR.

We carefully sourced artists that have established themselves within the global art market due to their unique art technique, approach and overall look and feel of the art created. Once we found artists and their body of works we believed add exactly those components, we started to work closely with them on the art production.

The vision for us was to take each guest on a special journey to connect, relax and appreciate their time at the hotel. We hope that this movement of merging the exclusive art world with the hospitality industry can open the mind and eyes of others to under-stand the relevance of supporting living career artists. As well as, creat-ing public art collections in alternative organizations, which for sure will impact their spaces by incorporating original art pieces. For us this is a fundamental way to keep distinct cultures alive and communicate their originality at a global level.

Guest Rooms | Art Commissioned by Dusica Pejic

Dušica Pejić is an award-winning Serbian painter with a significant international presence, renowned for her captivating exploration of movement in her art. Her work embodies the concept of “Movement is Life”, as she delves into the dynamic interplay of physical, mental, and energetic movements.

Pejić’s artistic practice is characterized by a highly physical painting process. She employs a diverse array of artistic and technical materials to create abstract works brimming with action and vitality. Her pieces are not merely static images but are infused with a sense of motion that invites viewers to experience the ebb and flow of energy that she captures so vividly.

At the heart of Pejić’s work is the idea of movement in its many forms—whether it be the movement of words, bodies, or energies. Pejić’s dynamic art introduces a lively contrast, bringing a vibrant energy that complements the serene environment of the hotel.

Boutique Hotel ALEX Lake Zurich_VELVENOIR
Bradley Sabin (USA) 150 Ceramic Flowers for a wall art installation from the reception stairs until the underground floor.

Bradley Sabin, an esteemed artist based in New Orleans, Louisiana, brings his profound expertise in ceramics to the installation “150 Ceramic Flowers,” a captivating wall art piece extending from the reception stairs to the underground floor. Sabin, who earned his Bachelor of Fine Arts from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago in 1993 and a Master of Fine Arts in Ceramics from Louisiana State University in 1996, is renowned for his intricate and organic ceramic creations.

“150 Ceramic Flowers” exemplifies Sabin’s mastery in transforming clay into delicate, life-like flora. Each flower, meticulously crafted and uniquely distinct, contributes to a collective narrative of growth and natural beauty. The installation not only beautifies the architectural space but also evokes a serene, garden-like atmosphere, guiding guests through a sensory journey as they transition between floors.

Joana Gomes, a visual artist based in Lisbon, Portugal, brings her distinctive and evocative work to Alex Lake Zurich, enriching the hotel’s art collection with her profound creativity. With a Fine Arts Degree in Painting (2008) and a Master’s Degree in Painting (2011) from the Faculty of Fine Arts of Lisbon, Gomes’s artistic journey is marked by her deep understanding of color, form, and emotional resonance.


Her paintings often explore the nuances of human emotion and the complexities of personal and collective identity. Through a harmonious balance of abstract forms and vibrant colors, her art invites viewers to delve into a contemplative space, encouraging reflection and emotional connection.

Zulu Potters an Ukhamba collection

The Magwaza Family, a distinguished lineage of Zulu potters from Nkandla, South Africa, brings their exquisite craftsmanship to Alex Lake Zurich with seven original Ukhamba vessels. Curated by Inês Valle, these vessels are thoughtfully placed in each corridor, restaurant, and the reception lobby, infusing the space with cultural richness and historical depth.

nês Valle’s journey to the Tugela River Valley of Kwazulu-Natal led her to meet Buzephi and Zikoti Magwaza, the fourth-generation potters of the family. Buzephi, the matriarch and leading potter, learned the intricate art of pottery from her grandmother, maintaining and enhancing the family’s storied tradition. The Magwaza family is renowned for their finely crafted Zulu pots, decorated with amasumpa—small pellets that create spontaneous, geometric, and sometimes nature-inspired designs.

The Ukhamba vessels created by the Magwaza Family are not just functional items; they are embodiments of cultural heritage and artistic expression. Each pot is a testament to the meticulous skill and creativity that has been passed down through generations of female potters. Their work has gained significant recognition, featuring in prestigious collections at the Durban BAT Centre, Pietermaritzburg Art Galleries, Eshowe Museum, and Greytown Museum.

At Alex Lake Zurich, these vessels serve as both decorative and cultural artifacts, offering guests a glimpse into the rich Zulu pottery tradition. The presence of these vessels enhances the aesthetic appeal of the hotel and underscores the importance of preserving and celebrating diverse artistic heritages.

Hand-made Ceramic Art Objects framed by artist Silvia Granta 

Silvia Granata, a visual artist based in Italy, brings a unique blend of artistic passion and economic acumen to her handmade ceramic artworks. Despite her initial career path in economics due to her family’s business, Granata’s enduring interest in arts and architecture eventually guided her back to her creative roots. She graduated in Business Studies from Hull University in the UK, a background that enriches her artistic endeavors with a distinct perspective on form, structure, and functionality.

Granata’s ceramic artworks are carefully handcrafted and fired, showcasing her dedication to the intricate process of ceramic creation. Each piece reflects her deep appreciation for the material’s versatility and her skill in transforming clay into evocative, textured forms. Her work often explores themes of nature, human emotion, and the interplay between organic shapes and architectural influences.

Living and working in Italy, Granata draws inspiration from the country’s rich artistic heritage and its vibrant contemporary art scene. Her ceramics are characterized by their tactile qualities and the subtle interplay of light and shadow, making each piece a sensory experience.

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