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Through extensive research, our curatorial vision was born for the public art program of a unique development in the heart of Abu Dhabi. Our curatorial vision aims to establish the new development as a point of reference in public art by focusing on promoting sustainable art practices, connecting communities, and valuing the history and identity of the place and region.


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Art Concept Development

a distinctive public art program - add to the Vision of Abu Dhabi 2030 with regards to the cultural goals.

We have been asked to submit a curatorial art program for a new development in Abu Dhabi, curated by Chief Art Curator Inês Valle, Alexandra Schafer and over 7 art advisors from the international VELVENOIR Collective in 2020  – on behalf of this client we have curated a thoughtfully inspiring and engaging art program for generations while keeping the cultural goals of Abu Dhabi for 2030 front of mind.  

Our artist recommendation for this specific project have been a blend mix of mid-career to well established artists from different nationalities. These artists will be commissioned to create large-scale artworks, based on our joint vision and ambition for the development. For us it was important to suggest artists, who are well-known and experienced, yet create attractive and powerful works that connect both with the local and international audience – attracting awareness, inviting visitors to engage and also share their experiences via social media. 

Photo Credit: goes to the client and artists 


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