Art x Interior Collaboration – Vienna

ART x INTERIOR redefines showrooms by integrating contemporary art into high-end design concepts, offering collectors a novel art experience.






collaboration with



art curation, event mangement, branding & Pr

Taking contemporary art out of the "white-cube"

Taking contemporary art out of the “white cube” space and placing it into high-end interior design concepts to allow collectors to experience art in a completely new way.

Through  ART x INTERIOR  we have been redefining the Showroom in Vienna complementing modern interiors, while offering a curated selection of contemporary art placed in designs. Telling a story of authenticity and integrity. This innovative concept shown for the first time in 2017, is an open invitation to discover contemporary art outside of the ‘white cube’ space and a special showcase of works of art within the ambiance of an exclusive interior showroom

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