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A HOME FOR YOU - THE CONCEPT BEHIND breaking the boundaries between cultures and bringing them into new contexts.

Home is the place where we feel safe. A home is shared with family and a place where we welcome our most special friends. Home is the place to refill our energies and relax from a ruffled and busy day. These are some of the characteristics that makes “home” such a special place for all of us. Thus the curatorial concept “A Home for You” by VELVENOIR created specially for Alex-Lake Zurich tends to bring this notion of home, familiarity and tranquillity into its rooms, public spaces and the shared building.

“A Home for You” was co-curated by Inês Valle and Alexandra Schafer, where they focus both on the conceptual notions of home, belonging and life-sharing. Therefore it was key to bring into the hotel an art collection that can manifest the richness and diversity that belongs to distinct artistic expressions from various cultures across the world. Thus curating an art collection that interweaves artworks by visual and indigenous artists from Serbia, Portugal, Italy, US and from the Zulu People of South Africa.

The art collection will allow each guest to explore more than just “art” in a hotel. The concept aims to countenance the experience in each art work a “piece” of each territory, society and soul. Some artists created bespoke pieces especially for this concept, where the colours, history and élan of lake Zurich are playing a vital part of the inspiration for the artwork series, commissioned by VELVENOIR.

We carefully sourced artists that have established themselves within the global art market due to their unique art technique, approach and overall look and feel of the art created. Once we found artists and their body of works we believed add exactly those components, we started to work closely with them on the art production. The vision for us was to take each guest on a special journey to connect, relax and appreciate their time at the hotel. We hope that this movement of merging the exclusive art world with the hospitality industry can open the mind and eyes of others to understand the relevance of supporting living career artists. As well as, creating public art collections in alternative organizations, which for sure will impact their spaces by incorporating original art pieces. For us this is a fundamental way to keep distinct cultures alive and communicate their originality at a global level.


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