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Art x Interior App Development | ixa App – Los Angeles

Photo Credit: James Porschen

Art x Interior App Development | ixa App – Los Angeles

The IXA – Interiors x Art – Venice, Los Angeles invites people to experience a combination of contemporary art and the trendiest interior design objects with a pivotal key aspect – both in person as well as online! The IXA team, had Paolo Schmidt to program the bespoke IXA app, which is specifically created to bring flexibility and innovation into the aesthetic concept. You can access the app after receiving a personal invitation email which grants you direct access to the IXA app, followed upon a view that mirrors the exact interior space of the venue. Categorized into the different floors and sections, you may systematically be shown around the interior and click on any visualised object. This allows you to immediately view and purchase all furniture pieces and artworks throughout the exclusive venue via secured payment options or you simply email the IXA team with the enquiry button. The IXA house in Venice has been designed by the much-respected Griffin-Enright Architects and built by Parrish-Roback Developers, interior design by Jennifer Ridel and art consultancy by Alex Ray and Alexandra Schafer from VELVENOIR.

“This innovative concept is an open invitation to discover contemporary art outside of the ‘white cube’ space, a special showcase of works of art within the ambience of an exclusively designed showroom in the heart of Venice Beach,” says Schafer, who is managing director at Velvenoir.

“As the West Coast art consultant for Velvenoir, I believe in the wonderful resources that we have and can bring to projects across the globe,” shares Ray. “I love the whole process of art, from conceptualizing with our clients to commissioning a site-specific piece to install in the spaces.”

Photo Credit: James Porschen

Photo Credit: James Porschen

There is quite a bit of ebullience and innovation happening—particularly in Los Angeles right now—with the art and design world, and I’ve long searched for a way to merge design, scale and technology. This collaboration is a fantastic beginning. With our combined resources and network, IXA is sure to be an interesting and provocative endeavor.” – Jennifer Ridel

Photo Credit: James Porschen

Photo Credit: James Porschen

The IXA concept derives intricate parallels between art, design and tech – for a limited time only – exhibiting a home in which all items are accessible via an e-commerce option.

The app has been created by Salzburg based Developer Paolo Schmidt, who helped the IXA team to offer a seamless app experience. The app will be launching this August. Whether you have attended a hosted event or not, it is possible to request access to the IXA app and shop the curated art and design collection through the app or IXA website.  The idea behind this, is that The IXA will not only allow people on-site to access the exclusive venue, but will rather open up the design stage to an international network and audience.


““When art went online, with the likes of ARTSPACE, ARTSY etc. I think no one thought it work—that people would never buy art that way. Well guess what? ….. art buying did shift that way and when Brett Gorvy, former head of Christie’s Contemporary painting, posted a Basquiat painting of Sugar Ray Robinson, on his Instagram,  it had sold in a few hrs, with 3 buyers clamouring for it. The buyer viewed the multi-million dollar transaction as an Instagram sale! Now, with our IXA app, we are encouraging people to also buy that immediate way. We are making the buying process of art as simple as it can be. The hard part-  the curating and sourcing has already been done—now anyone has to do is just be ball-sy and “click” and buy. They will still be connected to a consultant who will be there to answer and deal with all the typical details related to any art sale. From start to finish we are excited to provide a seamless service. I have had great success with the app model and I believe here at VELVENOIR we will start to see a rise in popularity among our clients
.” – Alex Ray
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