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Velvenoir partnering with Trace international

[rs_section_title title_style=”with_subtitle” align=”center” title=”VELVENOIR TO PARTNER WITH TRACE INTERNATIONAL ” subtitle=”A HOLISTIC APPROACH WITHIN THE HOSPITALITY & DESIGN INDUSTRY – WHEN TWO PASSIONATE CONSULTANCY FIRMS FUSE THERE EXPERIENCE AND APPROACH TO OFFER A HOLISTIC & INTERNATIOAL APPROACH DESIRED BY THE INDUSTRY…”][rs_special_text font=”google_web_font_Lato” tag=”h4″]Paris / Vienna 1.November 2018 VELVENOIR, the boutique art consultancy and TRACE INTERNATIONAL, the design and consulting firm based in Paris are thrilled to officially announce their strategic partnership. Through this new partnership, both firms are offering a unique, international and holistic approach within the hospitality and design industry. Disrupting old hotel concepts, both firms are on a mission to create spaces which are open, inviting anchors for the community, engaging and supportive within the local arts scene and creating cultural awareness for visitors – not one-concept which has to everyone. Both founders, bring in hands-on experience, passion, commitment and dedication to ensure each space is developed and executed exceptionally.[/rs_special_text][rs_image_block align=”align-center” image=”3616″][rs_special_text font=”google_web_font_Lato” tag=”h4″]The competitive advantage, which this new partnership allows us to incorporate contemporary art from video art installations to neon signs and public outdoor sculptures. A concept dedicated to its clients and a focus to interact, engage and inspires visitors due to the art installed on site.

We believe that each project tells its own story and for that, we develop for each project a signature design around local art. We believe that art makes a difference, not only in the design but also in the experience of users of any space that we design. To reassure a successful implementation of art into our projects, we collaborate hand in hand with Alexan­dra Schafer, through her company, VELVENOIR. They provide us with a tremendous network of experts located in the US, Australia, China, Europe and the Middle East where they represent the VELVENOIR brand within their respected region. ” – Jessica Stary

„Through this exciting new collaboration, I´m thrilled to be working with my global experts and Jess on various different projects and develop concepts which are desired by future clients with a focus on creating engaging experiences with contemporary art and local artists to ensure every project has its own DNA  from the art selection to the entire design approach and communication strategy – a holistic approach everyone desires and not many are able to cater towards those needs. Very exciting times ahead for us and our clients.” – Alexandra Schafer

““I am very excited by this new collaboration between VELVENOIR and TRACE INTERNATIONAL. Paris is a creative city where architecture and design projects flourish constantly. Gathering our expertise in design and art, driven by the common belief that art makes a difference, we will offer our Parisian clients the opportunity to stand out from the local scene and reveal their original DNA.”  – Lou Anmella, VELVENOIR Consultant Paris[/rs_special_text]

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