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a curated art collection placed within the luxury estate to promote the sale of the property


This newly built modernist residential property located in the heart of fashionable Venice, CA was built by award winning Architects Griffin – Enright built by Property Development firm Parrish Roback. Both the client and interior designer of the project appointed VELVENOIR in June 2017 while the property was still under construction and almost close to completion, to curate and source contemporary art, based on a new approach to weave art and design into their interior concept tailored for this estate. The real estate was due to hit the market in August 2017 after several collaborative events to introduce the curated art and design concept.

This case study explains the process behind this project for additional info or to access the app, brochure as well as art portfolio created for this project  – please click on the image to your right. 


We believe that good art helps sell properties faster!. As part of our international network, we have consultants based in major cities all over the world and aim to draw a broader resource for art for upcoming projects among our network. Through years of nurturing our relationships with artists and galleries , e were able to access art on the West and East coast and place within this property. We agreed with the designer and developer that this project would be an art “stage to sell “ business model by which we mean anyone visiting the house or reviewing the house through the app or through our international network at the click of a button, can acquire the art instantly with the guidance of one of our art experts. We ensured, as soon as sales were made our team was there to seamlessly change the art for something equally valuable and complimentary.


In this particular project one of our West Coast based art advisors, Alex Ray sourced and curated the art placed within this property in Venice. Alexandra Schafer ensured a smooth branding process of the property, with a tailored website and “shopping” app,  to truly merge it all within this new estate.


The idea behind the concept was to merge contemporary art with the interiors of the property by adding real statement pieces such as David Lloyd’s El Dorado, Hiroko Yoshimoto’s Biodiversity series and sculptural mirrors by Fernando Mastrangelo. Followed by carefully chosen fine art photography art pieces by James Porschen, Jock McDonald and Javier Estrada, complimenting the current mood of Venice and its covetable lifestyle. Throughout the property we ensured to curate a blended mix of exciting emerging as well as established artists, in order to appeal aesthetically and financially.


At Velvenoir , we go the extra mile to partner with developers and agents alike. We took care of branding the property by creating a tailored brochure for the property developer to use and share with Agents who have an international client base. After completion, we hosted a collaborative event, not only inviting qualified clients and press to see the finished product and view the art we curated,  but also the prospective buyers for the property itself, as it hit the market in Los Angeles.


Through this project we were able to show how VELVENOIR operates with regards to property development with Art. A full services art consultancy and concierge ensures to offer our clients everything from one trusted source with an international approach to open up new channels for our clients as well as differentiate the property from others who were just listed on the market. We believe at VELVENOIR that art differentiates the property and comes already with a curated investment aspect which allows the developers and agents to sell the house swiftly.

Access the app for this project by clicking on the image

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Discover the curated art placed within this project


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