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unique art concept at the up-coming boutique hotel Alex – Lake Zurich

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VELVENOIR appointed to curate a unique art concept in collaboration with career artists to reflect the interiors, philosophy and vision
of the upcoming boutique hotel – Alex Lake Zurich


[rs_special_text tag=”h6″]first impressions from the artist studios – work in progress with international career artists for the permanent art collection of the hotel[/rs_special_text]
[rs_section_title title=”THE FACTS”][rs_special_text font=”google_web_font_Nunito” tag=”h4″]Client: Corim AG
Year: 2019
Project: Boutique Hotel
Location: Lake Zurich, Switzerland

Scope of work provided by VELVENOIR

_Art Concept Development
_Contemporary art sourcing
_Artist collaborations
_Art Acquisition
_Bespoke art commissions
_Installation on-site[/rs_special_text]

[rs_special_text font=”google_web_font_Lora” tag=”h4″]Alex – Lake Zurich, the new deputing boutique luxury hotel, on the western shore of this iconic Swiss lake, has a unique position sitting on the water’s edge; making it one of the most stylish and elegant Lake Zurich hotels. Set across five floors and featuring state-of-the-art stone and glass architectural design, 44 modern studios and penthouses with glorious lake views and kitchens, making it perfect for both short or extended stays.

We are thrilled to announce VELVENOIR has been appointed to curate, source and develop a unique art concept that for this upcoming luxury hotel in Zurich. We´ve curated a selection of artworks that conceptually align with the vision and design brief of the hotel, to ensure a unique atmosphere and features throughout the hotel for staying guests to enjoy and explore…

For this unique project, we´ve sourced original and one-of-a-kind artworks from career artists – of museum standard which allows us to create a calm and creative environment. For us and our clients, it was curial to select artworks that goes hand-in-hand with the brief the natural and organically used materials by the artists to visually connect, inspire and engage the guest.

“The exclusive selection of original artworks for the boutique Hotel Alex, belong to visual artists across Europe & Africa that has proven to be a growing investment to any collector who has acquired their artworks” – Inês Valle – Art Curator for VELVENOIR

For further details please don´t hesitate to contact us here[/rs_special_text]

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Alexandra Schafer

Alexandra Schafer, the driving force behind the international brand – VELVENOIR. A hospitality and marketing professional who brings her passion for contemporary art into the company. Having worked over 10 years within the field of hospitality, events, marketing and PR – she decided to build a company which not only makes contemporary art accessible at a global level but also has a personal and professional approach as part of the entire art experience. Through her entrepreneurial and hands-on approach, she has built a firm that breaks the boundaries of today´s art world and targets strategically niche industries.  To make art acquisition a personal experience and an exciting journey for her clients. Alexandra has been acquiring, curating and installing contemporary art from emerging to established career artists sourced from leading art galleries and art fairs as well as from artists to place within various residential, hospitality and commercial projects to create unique art experiences around the world together with a global network of experts, she selected and vetted to join her on the journey to transform her clients collection and spaces. Alexandra´s exposure to richly diverse cultures informs her entire approach and unique ability to translate each client´s desire to acquire contemporary art with a personal service allowed her to offer global access for her HNWI to acquire top-notch art for their private collection or project.  She gained invaluable experiences and insights throughout the last 10 years while living in London and Sydney.  Throughout the years, she worked for companies such as Four Seasons, David Jones, Merivale, HSBC, Sportsworld, The Star Sydney and many other boutique firms.