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Catherine Asquith - Alexandra Schafer - VELVENOIR - Blue Chip Brokerage


….are leading the way through the global art market in collaborating and supporting each other with expertise, know-how and establishing a brand collaboratively that opens up a new way to acquire art with experts from the field supporting clients along the way.

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The world is changing, starting from globetrotting HNWI to millennials, the last five years have demonstrated an incredible change in people’s attitude within the arts and its globalization. Technology is changing the way we live our lives in so many ways, and yet the art world hasn’t really caught up on this; studies have shown that the art market is still very resistant and not open for a change. However, the two female entrepreneurs Alexandra Schafer and Catherine Asquith decided to address this disparity. Continents and generations apart, the two found a common quest to change the art market by offering a personal, transparent and innovative approach when working with their clients. One desk away – both work on various projects, developments and off-market transactions together, supporting the other female consultants within the VELVENOIR network. Both Schafer and Asquith believe collaboration is key for successfully meeting the company’s objectives. Subsequent to the initial development of infrastructure, both decided to start this year by addressing recent trends and developments observed in the secondary market.  Recognizing a new breed of collectors entering the market, (HNWI, investors, and art collectors from new regions across the globe), the Blue Chip Art Brokerage department was born. Operating under the VELVENOIR umbrella, the entire collaboration established itself out of the quest to operate a professional and transparent entity within the art market, make art accessible on a global scale and provide specialist expertise to clients.

Catherine Asquith,a former gallerist, art consultant and advisor, and bringing over 20 years of art expertise to the collaboration views the partnership as both timely and yet, ironic.  “I am always quite in awe of Alexandra’s incredible maturity when it comes to her business sense and strategic thinking.  Working with Alexandra, we have often agreed on so many aspects of developing the business and aligning it with new trends and developments within the global art market, which is really quite interesting given there is so much dialogue and commentary on the disparity between the generations.  Working within different times zones should not be an issue at all; we have all the available tools and technology to overcome any geographical boundaries.  And clearly, age, generation, or nationality should not effect a mutually beneficial collaboration.”

Whereas Alexandra Schafer followed her passion for art, after working many years within the hospitality, event and marketing industry she decided to build a brand that stands for collaboration, open-minded, innovative and personal support for every client says: “Working with Catherine, has been an incredible adventure so far, even though she is based in Melbourne and we are 8 hours apart and myself operating everything from Salzburg, Austria we´ve managed to change the traditional way of business and establish our own yet very unconventional way within our day to day operations. We don’t sit next to each other as everyone might expect when discussing our projects and developments, we simply skype on a weekly basis as well as arrange calls with the other consultants from the team to go through the latest developments – With the right people you are simply able to operate this way and I think it’s a refreshing and innovative approach to cater to our clients globally.”

For further details please visit the Blue Chip Brokerage page via following link: https://velvenoir.com/velvenoir-international-art-concierge-and-consultancy/art-concierge-x-velvenoir/blue-chip-art-brokerage-velvenoir/