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Totem sculpture x Private Office Entrance – initial art concept

For a private office in Monaco, we have been approached by the passionate interior design team of Casamanara based in Monaco.

Their work could be summarized as the curation and balancing of all the wants, needs and wishes that are generated in a project, in foreseeing all eventual needs and avoiding all possible issues. To achieve such a task, we base our work on references and materials that have proven themselves in the past, while twisting them somewhat from their normal applications in such a way that allow us to experiment a bit, thus creating a bespoke end-product.

“When seeing the interiors of the project and speaking with Piero about it, I thought instantly of Aldo´s work – his stainless steel sculpture and powerful concept behind, was the first artist I suggested to the clients.” – Alexandra Schafer

For their clients new office, we have sourced and suggested a variety of different sculptures that resonate with the space, the philosophy and character. Therefore, after the selection process, we ended up suggesting the Mexican/Peruvian artist Aldo Chaparro (b.1965) whose work focuses in the use of sculpture and painting to explore form in post-industrial ways. He currently lives and works between Mexico City, Los Angeles, Madrid and Lima. Chaparro explores form through void, matter and the human body using quick processes to transform prefabri- cated materials into unique objects. Using elements commonly used for construction, he creates forms in balance by manipulating and subtracting matter.

The concept of sumi-e in Zen stands for the great economy of mediums. This economy is necessary to express the purity and simplicity of the eternal nature of the subject. As the rest of his sculptures, his Totems aren’t trying to create the illusion of reality. He has abandoned true to life perspective, working with artificial space relations that makes us think not into reality, but into its essence. This act allows us to the idle space and mo- ment of creation, in which get to know yourself until you construct yourself.

In his totem sculptures, the stability of the wood joist and steel plates is disguised as fragility, maintaining the eternal qualities of the materials, which for the artist are them- selves a work of art. By using the simplest possible means, the inherent nature of the aesthetic object shifts. The subtraction of mater on his chainsawed wood joists, and also on his computer models, points towards the Zen ideas of negative space, and on how it defines objects in which its essence depends on their ability to hold or be completed.

This is why Aldo ́s work is leaded by a research on the connection established between the artist and his materials of choice as he reduces them to abstract forms. On this aesthetic, his works are the path to deep thoughts that exist just by occupying space, which give us the sensation of being suspended in time, just like the Noh theater of the Muromachi period.

Interior Design by Casa Manara