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an idea developed in the Australian Outback because art makes a difference and adds cultural value

The Idea for VELVENOIR evolved back in 2013, in the middle of the Australian dessert – Where, Alexandra Schafer, stumbled upon unique artworks, created by an Aborigines couple in a gallery close by Alice Springs. She was mesmerized by the body of art created and couldn´t resist sharing her experience with her close friends and family members. After moving, back to Salzburg, Austria, she launched the online gallery velvenoir.com. Velvenoir.com was the vehicle for making art accessible and to share a curated selection of contemporary emerging and established artists at a global level. Within the years, VELVENOIR, evolved from an online gallery to an international art consultancy and concierge that works with an international network of selected and vetted art curators, advisors and pr and branding experts on various projects together, to share how contemporary art impacts the space and remind collectors, investors, CEO´s, interior designers and aspiring collectors about the importance of original art from career artist – about the personal statement that can be found in a piece of art.  The firm has one mission in mind to make art from career artists accessible with experts guiding clients through the entire process. The desire to create the brand VELVENOIR originated not only from Alexandra Schafer’s passion for art and her devotion to building personal relationships with her clients but also from her realisation that contemporary art should go hand in hand right from the start in any hospitality, residential or commercial project and experts supporting the client through the global art market.

“At VELVENOIR, we love to assist clients on their personal art journey – from small residential projects to Boutique hotels, our selected and vetted team brings in years of experience and an art appreciation that makes the entire art acquisition a personal experience itself. Always remember,  when you invest in art you invest in yourself – looking back it is your personal journey accompanied by artworks acquired throughout your life.” – Alexandra Schafer