The Story behind | Andaz Prague

New life full of art in the former Sugar Palace 

Prague’s myths and legends are artfully showcased through unique perspectives by local and international artist. Stories are unfolding as you walk around inside the Andaz Prague

The protagonists of Prague legends such as Libuse, Knight Brunsvik, and the White Lion inspired the artists profoundly and found manifold expression thanks to the targeted compilation of art movements: the entrance already impresses with a breathtaking glass installation by the Czech artist Vendulka Prchalová. This installation takes its cue from the old craft and references the astronomical clock – probably one of Prague’s most famous landmarks – and brings it impressively into the modern age.


Guests are invited to delve further into the Andaz world and discover unique installations by Czech artist David Valner inspired by the Brunsvik forest or the Golden Road by Portuguese Miguel A. Rodrigues, large-scale murals by Jakub Tytykalo on the theme of Kafka, and impressive paintings in the public areas. The legends are whispered here, gently taking over the space and accompanying the guest to their room, where works based on the legends of Libuse and Knight Brunsvik await them. Those who wish can dive deep into the legends and are also invited to find themselves again in the city during the #AndazWalkOfMyths.

When love and skill work together, expect a masterpiece” (John Ruskin) – The Andaz Prague has become UBM’s masterpiece of hotel development. It is the result of passionate work and the dedication of a great team. Now, this masterpiece is coming to life – a new “legendary” place to stay. We are very proud of it.”

– Martin Löcker, COO of UBM Development

Whether you choose a silent dialogue with the art or the instagrammable version in the corridor full of fragments on typical blue and white tiles impressively designed by Livia Marin on the way to the reception, the art opens up a touching dimension to offer the guest an incomparable experience. The lovingly selected accessories in the lounges from the glass knots to the vases to the curated library impressively complete the experience.


 “Together we have created a mix of different artistic mediums and artworks, all unique and inspired by a fine selection of myths and legends from Prague. Throughout the hotel, guests are invited to walk through local stories and fairy tales, interpreted individually by each artist. You too can experience Prague’s rich history and the vibrant heart for art that each artist amplifies.” – Alexandra Schafer | VELVENOIR 

Special thanks goes to all the artists (Vendulka Prachlova, Livia Marin, Miguel Rodriguez, David Valner, Silvia Granata, Jakub Tytykalo, Kathy Dalwood,Tai Snait, Niki Hare and Sara Beazley).  From our team worked Inês Valle, Margot Heinrici, Veronika Korbei and Alexandra Schafer 

Furthermore we would like to thank the passionte project management team from UBM working with us on this amazing project. Thank you Anna Maiwald, Katja Kammerer, Hanniela Resch and Sarah Kögel.