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ART x HOTEL – The purpose of adding cultural heritage and original art into hotels

What is the purpose of adding cultural heritage and original art into hotels?

We believe that Art is one of the most amazing human expressions that can have a tremendous impact in our lives. We curate projects to engage and inspire clients, but also to transform spaces into personal encounters  with a professional and innovative advice on all levels.

For us is important to be active in different fronts of how to share the power of art, thus we work both on classical contexts as well as, finding innovative ways of overcoming stereotyped borders associated with and how are should be lived and experienced.

Making the the hospitality industry to one of our target industry and clients.  Our mission, is to contribute to the deconstruction of the belief that “Art in a Hotel is just decoration!” We believe that Art can have a remarkable effect on these particular spaces – engaging guests on multiple intensities from the emotion to the educational level.

So, we would like to share, what we believe is important that Hotel Owners and their teams should always take in consideration when they’re planning and operating hotel in terms of acquiring Art for their properties.

Here are some of the “Unique Selling Points” of investing in Art in a Hotel:

… Art is a growing financial asset
… Art adds cultural capital to your project
… Art becomes part of the attraction and destination
… Art enables branding, social media and global media opportunities
… Art elevates the estate, hotel and firm against your competitors
… Art inspires conversations and educates
… Art transforms space and cultures

Our job is to make our clients Art-ambitions become reality. We always work side-by-side with the hotel owners, investors, developers, architects and designers. Together, we can achieve the highest results in differentiating the hotel to stand out from the competition.

Thus, is important to have an innovative 360-degree approach when adding original Art into a hotel. It is crucial to work with art experts who have knowledge about the Art market, strong relationships to artists and galleries and bring an understanding on the conceptual and communication approach to the project. Additionally, the Art consultant on behalf of the client curates, sources, acquires and commissions  original contemporary Art from career artists and indigenous communities.  They know how to build a strong art collection that interweaves with the ambition & vision of the hotel.

Interested in how we at VELVENOIR work on hospitality projects – see below our infographics. For further details please contact us here.