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the importance of authenticity and originality

“…the primary market is based on relationships of trust, trust in the artist, art galleries and art fair – from where the artwork is bought from.” 

Over the years, the topic of authenticity and originality has become an essential part when buying contemporary and indigenous art, whether directly from the artist studio, art gallery and / or from the local art community. For our clients, we always inspect the artworks in-person, ensuring that all artworks we acquire on behalf of our clients, are signed and have certificate of authenticity. Additionally we provide a confirmation letter from our side – that outlines the when and where the art was acquired from and who was the art consultant managing the sale. Furthermore, this letter states the artwork condition and the type of framing, plus any other notes that might be relevant for our clients / collectors to know. The above documentations and tasks are part of our full-service art consultancy.

We believe that Art is a personal investment, hence we deliver to all our clients a professional folder with detailed documentation corresponding to all the acquired art / or collection with us. WHEN YOU INVEST IN ART YOU INVEST IN YOURSELF

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