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[rs_section_title title_style=”with_subtitle” align=”center” title=”ART CONSULTANCY X INTERIOR DESIGN – THE FUTURE COLLABORATION WITHIN THE FAST-PACED INDUSTRY” subtitle=”we made it our mission to support interior designer, architectual firms and their clients with contemporary art from career artists…”][rs_special_text font=”google_web_font_Lato” tag=”h3″]Transforming one space at a time, in collaboration with interior design and architectural firms by incorporating uniquely sourced statement pieces for residential, commercial and hospitality projects. International collaborations are key for us – to create unique win-win situations for our clients and communicate the collaborative project internationally – for potential new clients to explore the power of contemporary art within the design concept…[/rs_special_text][rs_image_block align=”align-center” image=”13392″][rs_special_text font=”google_web_font_Lato” tag=”h4″]Art plays a central role in today’s luxury interior design. Collecting is on the rise and clients are increasingly looking for an interior design professional with the know-how to use their art collection as the crux of an entire concept. Interior designers are happy to oblige – many are either art collectors themselves or partner with an art consultancy firm to ensure the clients receive everything from one trusted partner.

In a world where you can find thousands of artworks readily online – from prints to bespoke works and from paintings to reproductions – the market reached its full potential with regards to finding art for your upcoming projects. However, most interior designers still choose prints or reproductions because they´re easy and quick to acquire.[/rs_special_text][rs_image_block align=”align-center” image=”13394″][rs_special_text font=”google_web_font_Lato” tag=”h4″]With no compromise to an original, we decided to launch our exclusive art database to benefit interior designers, architects and their clients in selecting the finest artworks for each project from international career artists.  VELVENOIR opens the door to an uncomplicated and comfortable way of receiving a personally curated art selection. Our art database aims to bring convenience and efficiency to those looking to source artworks: without leaving the office, in collaboration with the global experts, you are now able to contact VELVENOIR with project details and discuss your art requirements and desires of one-of-a kind statement piece. The VELVENOIR network pulled together an outstanding online tool for clients who don’t have time to visit galleries, fairs or exhibitions to find the perfect artwork for their space, carefully selected and vetted by the in-house art advisors, curators and consultants. With the budget, deadline and design brief in mind, we source and select an art concept specifically for any of our clients residential, commercial and hospitality project.[/rs_special_text][rs_image_block image=”13393″][rs_special_text font=”google_web_font_Lato” tag=”h4″]VELVENOIR angles itself towards the interior design and architectural industry to assist interior designers on a day to day basis to source and incorporate one-of-a-kind artworks from established and emerging career artists represented by galleries in various hospitality, commercial and private projects. Through the international network behind VELVENOIR, interior designers are now able to work with the network as their in-house art consultancy when sourcing and proposing art for their clients.

“Through our constantly growing database of fine art, we can assist interior designers, architects and their clients to find the perfect piece of art without visiting various galleries and art fairs. Through the art proposed and installed within the interior, we’re trying to create spaces that can’t be duplicated and are one of a kind.”´- Alexandra Schafer – Founder VELVENOIR

The VELVENOIR Network gathers a body of art specialists worldwide that together, shapes outstanding art x interior solutions, which engage with space and convey inspiring experiences to art collectors and design enthusiasts alike.” Claire Alliot Soto – Art Consultant Spain, VELVENOIR

“The importance of art in design is, for many designers and clients alike, one of the most important factors in design. The whole design process can sometimes be worked around a clients’ artwork. – Nick Lee – Niche PR London

”We believe that each project tells its own story and for that we develop for each project a signature design around local art. We believe that art makes a difference, not only in the design, but also in the experience of users of any space that we design. To reassure a successful implementation of art into our projects, we collaborate hand in hand with Alexan­dra Schafer, through her company, VELVENOIR. They provide us with a tremendous network of experts located in the US, Australia, China, Europe and the Middle East where they represent the VELVENOIR brand within their respected region.”– Jessica Stary – Founder, Trace International[/rs_special_text]

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