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1010 | Art x Interior – Vienna

Photo Credit: Merten Riesner, 2017 

Photo Credit: Merten Riesner, 2017 

ART x INTERIOR – breaking boundaries between contemporary art and interior design

The ART x INTERIOR collaboration started with Alexandra Schafer, Managing Director, VELVENOIR, describing her vision for a contemporary art placed in a high-end interior design space. „Interior designers should add contemporary art as part of their process when designing the home of their clients when it comes to contemporary art – and that’s where we as art consultancy come in“, says Schafer.  In cooperation with Jürgen Hamberger, Creative Director, steininger.designers .

Photo Credit: Merten Riesner, 2017 

Photo Credit: Merten Riesner, 2017 

ART x INTERIOR takes contemporary art out of the “white cube” space and placing it into high-end interior design concepts allowing collectors to experience and acquire contemporary art in a completely new way and to gather everything from one trusted source.

Part of this concept, was to bring contemporary art out of the museum in our case was it two large scale paintings from Chen Ping, which we shipped from the Guangdong Museumof Art in China, to the showroom of steiniger.designers in Vienna.

In his art, Chen maintains traditional Chinese cultural values while exploring concepts from a contemporary Western perspective. His exceptional academic understanding of drawing informs his coherent and synesthetic paintings, where the broad strokes of colour of landscapes and the thin lines of peaks, ranges and old Chinese characters are composed to produce a dialectic.His work is held in numerous important private collections around the world, as well as local institutional gallery collections.

Photo Credit: Merten Riesner, 2017 

Photo Credit: Merten Riesner, 2017 

Art consultant Alexandra Schafer and Creative Director Jürgen Hamberger  selected each piece to include a melange of site-specific installations and carefully considered fine art pieces that complement the entire concept.

The curated collection holds works by an international array of museum standard established and emerging artists. These include abstract paintings by Chen Ping (China), Luisa Maria Hernandez (Chile), Dusica Pejic (Serbia), fine art photography by Jérémie Lenoir (France) and Javiera Estrada (USA), neon artist Olivia Steele (USA), sculptures by Heike Cornelissen (Germany) and Jos Out (Netherlands) and installations by Carl McCrow (UK) which are exhibited alongside both the steininger.designers interior design concept and the exclusive kitchens of steininger masterpieces.

Photo Credit: Merten Riesner, 2017 

Photo Credit: Merten Riesner, 2017 

“ The curated selection of art placed within the design concept of the showroom invites clients to experience contemporary art in a completely new way. For me, it was essential to collaborate with a strong partner such as steininger.designers to push the boundaries on how clients experience and acquire contemporary art and I truly enjoyed working with their superb design team. ” – Alexandra Schafer, Managing Director VELVENOIR

Combining wide-ranging, in-depth knowledge with a clear understanding of the power of art to add ambience, sophistication and personality to a well-designed interior is the core aim of the collaboration the both firms are aiming for.

“Art is a key element of all steininger.designers projects. The decorative aspect, in the form of sculptures, fine art photography and paintings is indispensable to the design.”  Jürgen Hamberger, Creative Director at steininger.designers.

Our goal was to when placing the art, to challenge the viewer while exploring the art installed in a variety of different ways – away from the museum standard way. Such as the art installation of paintings and fine-art photographs from London based abstract artist Maria Louisa Hernandez, LA based fine-art photographer Javiera Estrada as well as  award-winning career artists Jeremie Lenoir, who is well known for his aerial photographs, where he explores what he refers to as « third landscape » or « non-places », those territories that are the product of political and economic processes. Through a meticulous selection of scenes (delimited perimeter of France’s geography), a precise shooting protocol (same altitude – 1500 feet – and zenithal light to crush all shadows and perspective) and deliberated disorienting picture framings (no sky, horizon or any identifiable infrastructures), Jérémie Lenoir introduces radical geometries and abstraction to his images. This strong pictorial bias reflects the influence of painters such as Soulages, Noland or Malevich in Lenoir’s aesthetics. By capturing the reality and transfigurating it into paintings, Jérémie Lenoir pictures bear new realism to our contemporary territories.

Now, through the latest collaboration established during the  ART x INTERIOR launch, steininger.designers work with the in-house art consultancy, VELVENOIR, to incorporate fine art into their clients’ designs. The solutions that are realised are always luxurious and extravagant, individually customised to match each client‘s desire. To tailor each project to each client, the network will assist the team of steininger.designers on future projects to make unique artworks from international emerging and established artists available, to create projects with a personal and unique aesthetic. 

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