Full-service and client centric art consultancy based in Europe – working internationally on a variety of different projects.

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strategic art consultancy

  /  strategic art consultancy

placing museum-quality art in a variety of different spaces, advising and consulting with visual artists on their career, supporting hotel owners with their existing art collections, advising art galleries  as well as other firms on communicating and conceptualizing their projects around the art – to create a difference and position themself within the market.

Are you currently running a hotel, with art – but you struggle to position the hotel through the art ? 

Are you currently looking for an art experts to support you on your latest venture in property development to help you create top-notch art collections and curated art programs to incorporate and to differentiate within your new development ?

Are you currently looking for an art expert to improve your art career strategically ? 

You are running a gallery and / or art fair and need some strategic advice, ideas and guidance on how to best reach your clients and what would be the best strategy that suits my firm best ? 

You are interested in collaborating and would like to host private art collectors dinners – but don’t know how, where and with whom ? 

…the questions to your left are just ideas on questions, clients have been approaching / asking us. Through our global team of passionate experts in fields such as contemporary art, PR, Marketing, Branding and hospitality – we focus on providing tailored solutions to YOU.

Having established an international network within the arts, hospitality, interior / architecture, family offices, tech and real estate developers – our services are tailored to each individual market connecting the dots and creating win-win situations for YOU.

…because in the end, it’s about YOU and we simply support you with years of experience, a personal and holistic approach, know-how and global resources.


  • Consultancy on your artistic career
  • Strategy to enhance art career within global art market
  • Consultancy on strategic position of the art gallery
  • Thematic Program Development | Curatorial support
  • Workshops and Training to  Staff
  • Art Communication Strategy + Social Media


  • Art Strategy Development
  • Art Communication Concept Development + Plan
  • Art Dinner Concept + Execution + Sponsorship management
  • Re-framing | hanging of exciting art collection
  • Art Collection + Branding + Strategy + International PR Installation on site for property development firms
  • Administration & Project Management
  • Art Research
  • Collaborations


**Please note, our team consists of strategic advisors, art curators, hospitality, Communication and PR experts – to ensure we cater to your needs, please each out to us for a tailored proposal.


When working with us, we look at the whole picture – our services starts with once we get to know YOU.