Full-service and client centric art consultancy based in Europe – working internationally on a variety of different projects.

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Transforming one space at a time, with it’s own character, soul and story – we  support you  in sourcing, buying and advising on unique statement pieces from international career and indigenous artist – for residential projects.

In a world where you can find thousands of artworks already online – from prints to paintings, sculptures and more – the art market reached its full potential with regards to finding art for your upcoming projects.

The biggest issue our  clients have been facing, finding the perfect artwork for their clients

a) takes a lot of time
b) the art found was not within the given budget ‘
c) the quality of art couldn´t  be inspected in person
d) the client didn’t know what he / she loves when it came down to the art.

For us, contemporary art is for everyone and since 2014, we’ve been working hand-in-hand with interior designers, architectural firms, and private clients on their villa, penthouse and residential project to  find the perfect artwork and/or  a curated concept to enhance the space, add a personal statement which increases over time in value and at the same time creates a unique and memorable atmosphere to the entire project. 

At VELVENOIR – our team takes care of the full project management throughout life-cycle, from initiation through project implementation, commissioning and close-out. Coordination, facilitation and monitoring through contract negotiation, design development, construction documentation and contract administration.

For us it is important to source and put really good art into all our projects, from emerging to mid career, blue-chip art as well as indigenous art. So when people enter the building they are captivated by the art collection. 


  • Tailored art concept for the space
  • curated art selection for space based on initial meeting
  • Local and International Art Sourcing from visual and indigenous artists
  • Site-specific art commission
  • Private Room access to curated art selection for immediate acquisition
  • Personal art consultancy sessions, meetings and online updates on work in progress.


  • Full-Service Project and Budget Management
  • Art Acquisition from artist studio, gallery and / or auction house on the designers behalf.
  • Site Planning for Artworks and Accessories
  • Detailed Map with artworks per location – based on size and discussed preferences
  • Strong collaboration with design and architectural team
  • Procurement
  • Framing of artworks
  • Professional Art Handling, Transportation and Installation on site
  • Administration & Documentations


**Please note, our global team is  proficient in AutoCAD and Adobe Creative Suite and we do work with architectural floor-plans, technical drawings, and elevations – hand in hand.


Because we believe it is important to collaborate and simultaneously, we want to save our interior designer’s and their clients valuable time, as well as, ensure they have access to top-notch Original artworks from career + indigenous artists, which at the same time allows us to contribute to a sustainable art market by supporting living artists and indigenous communities.