Full-service and client centric art consultancy based in Europe – working internationally on a variety of different projects.

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Envision, Curate and deliver strong and engaging  public art programs. To  foster creativity and  develop a sense of place that benefit artists, residents and visitors alike.

We curate, develop and deliver permanent public and urban art projects + artwork commissions on behalf of our hotel, commercial and residential developers. Each project, starts with rigorous cultural research to establish unique identities of each place are essential to us and the way we work with our clients. 

Our international team of curators, strategic- project managers and art consultants are working hand-in hand with  established contemporary artists and indigenous communities. Each project is unique – we thrive to develop unique strategies with sustainability, emotion, culture and history in mind and fully-manage the entire program from the curatorial vision to completion on behalf of our clients.



Our role is to strategically advice and consult with our clients on their public art request. We then align and integrate permanent public art, focusing on an engaging and culturally relevant programm –  with YOUR vision, and surroundings as well as the broader community in mind at all times. We have developed experience working with a number of architects, engineers and councils in the private and the public sector.

Through leveraging our network and conducting research we draw authentic connections between creatives, artists and cultural practitioners. For developers or investors, public art provides value, cultural investment and a connection with local communities. In many cases it provides a point of difference for a development. It can provide a meeting place or landmark and, more importantly, it can provide a way to engage with the people who will live, use and benefit from the development.



  • Deep Research of city | space | building history
  • Interpret and construct place narratives unique to each site
  • Project and Site Analysis and inspection
  • We are committed to working with artists of the highest caliber
  • Curatorial Vision + Art Program Development
  • Developments of art masterplans
  • Identify opportunities for public art in new developments
  • Implementation of best practice commission procedures and processes.


  • Source the most suitable and best qualified artists for the project brief
  • Competition Management (National and International)
  • Development of artist brief + RFP documentation
  • Management of RFP Application from artist
  • Procurement and Design Development
  • Fabrication & Production
  • Contract Management
  • Coordinating seamless sub-contractor support
  • Meetings & Workshops with clients
  • Project and Budget Management
  • Logistic, Transportation, Export + Import Management
  • Overseeing art commission
  • Reporting to client
  • Professional installation on site supervision + management
  • Walk-through with client + hand-over
  • Visual Documentation


  • Artwork condition audits
  •  Recommendations on reparation and relocation of existing artworks, to maintain integrity of the artwork(s) and development
  • Artwork Care-Manual



**Please note, our global team is  proficient in AutoCAD and Adobe Creative Suite and we do work with architectural floor-plans, technical drawings, and elevations – hand in hand.


When working with us, we look at the whole picture. At VELVENOIR we are working with a global network of art curators, artists, art handlers and logistic firms, to ensure to deliver each public art project in a timely and professional manner.