We inspire and accompany you on your art journey.

“If buying art is to matter to us deeply, then it has to engage with our emotions and bring something to what one might as well, and with no supernatural associations whatsoever, call our souls.“

– Alain de Botton

We understand, it is hart to stay up to date within the fast paced contemporary art market we have today. That´s what we are here for. We provide unparalleled access to contemporary art, guiding you to discover emerging, established, and blue-chip international artists. For us it’s all about the personal touch – getting to know you, creating a collection that affects you on a deeper level, and looking after all the details in the background.

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It is about understanding you, the artists you are interested in, mediums you are drawn to – but most importantly your collection reflects your vision.

We meet with you.
We take the time to understand you.
We give you independent and genuine advice.
We are looking after all the details in the background.

Tailored towards you

  • Art Consultation – to translate your Vision
  • Global logistics management
  • Framing advice
  • Installation supervision
  • Hand-over documentation
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Interested in becoming part of our inner circle – we share curated art selections, the latest trends and artists to watch out in the global art market.

First Step

Personal Conversation

Second Step

Tailored Proposal

Third Step


fourth step

Art Concept

Fifth step

Art Sourcing, Logistics & Framing

Sixth step

Installation & Documentation