Our philosophy is to signify the value and importance of contemporary art and working with visual artists. It is this careful approach to art  coupled with a strong passion, ethics and principles front of mind – to guide and work with our international clients together. 

_We do not represent individual artists.

_We source contemporary and indigenous art – globally from carefully vetted galleries, artist studios and / or auction houses. 

_All works we share with our collectors and within projects, are objectively the very best quality currently available and come from artist studios, galleries, auction houses and private collections all over the world.

_We are completely independent and possess no obligation to third parties regarding the sale or resale of art.

_We work with visual artists and galleries on a variety of projects.

_We commission and procure contemporary art for corporate, hospitality projects – each work is unique and / or a limited fine-art series. 

_Our independent advice and services are tailored towards our clients and projects needs

_We ensure you make informed decisions, yet supporting you throughout the entire process.