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Pre-Purchase Reports / Market Appraisal


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Catherine Asquith
Manager Blue Chip Department & Art Advisor

A consistent point highlighted in the numerous articles and commentary on “how to collect art” is “doing your research”. However, for many collectors – novice to experienced – time constraints can impact on this step.

Velvenoir is pleased to provide essential services such as Pre-purchase Reports and Market Appraisals for the serious collector. Often overlooked in the bid to buy or sell artwork, costly mistakes can occur, without having undertaken one’s due diligence. Pre-purchase Reports, which are essential, assessment of provenance and market indicators, provide
buyer assurance when considering investment in artworks. Pre-purchase Reports are of particular value when it comes to buying through auction.

Similarly, Market Appraisals can provide the same assurance for collectors seeking to dispose of an artwork. By providing an accurate market assessment of an artwork’s value, Market Appraisals will additionally comprise a recommendation as to the time frame and region/city for a proposed sale of artwork.

At Velvenoir, we believe in offering a holistic approach to our clients and would be delighted to enhance your collecting goals, with the above services.

the team behind our department

Catherine Asquith

Manager Blue Chip Art Brokerage - VELVENOIR

Catherine Asquith

Catherine’s expertise rests with a working knowledge of contemporary art practices inclusive of painting, sculpture, photography, and works on paper, in addition to a nuanced understanding of the unique Australian Indigenous art practices. Specialist areas include Australian Art (Impressionist, Modernist, Contemporary), Aboriginal Art (Pintupi / Papunya Tula), and Asian Contemporary Art.

Over the years, Catherine collaborated with auction houses on selected exhibitions; and has placed numerous artworks with significant institutional and corporate art collections, in addition to private and institutional art collections located across the globe. Catherine manages the VELVENOIR Blue Chip Department since 2018 and guides clients throughout the secondary market.


Enrico Cavaliere

Old Master / Modern and Post War - Art Specialist

Enrico Cavaliere

Equipped with an academic curriculum in Art History and Art Business developed between Italy and the U.K. and after successful, relevant experiences in both major international auction houses (Christie’s and Sotheby’s) as well as private galleries in London, Enrico subsequently decided to set up his own company and founded Hippeus Art Brokerage in January 2016. With a specific focus on the Italian secondary market, spanning from Old Masters (17th and 18th Century, in particular) to the Post War period (artists such as Fontana, Bonalumi, Castellani, Burri and Scheggi) Enrico proficiently advises his clients on every delicate aspect surrounding the purchase – or sale – of valuable, high-quality artworks.


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