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Christian Peschke was born in 1946 in Säckingen, grew up in Stuttgart, studied with Professor Gollwitzer and lived and worked in Germany until 2017.


With the many-faceted aspects of his oeuvre, this sculptor and painter leads us back once more to a positive experience of art. “In what one does, one should endeavour to make positive feeling and positive emotion visible to others,” is how Christian Peschke explains his intention. In an age of ever more involved abstraction, he wants his figures to create a feeling of harmony with the environment and with oneself that can be subjectively and intensely experienced.

For Christian Peschke, experiencing art means to employ all one’s senses to comprehend the relationship between content, form and material.

“Christian Peschke, is rightly considered to be one of the foremost exponents of 20th-century modern art together with George Braque, Jean Cocteau, Marc Chagall, Henry Matisse, Pablo Picasso and others.
It was his awareness of the sensuality in the works of Rodin, Maillol and Despiau and his high esteem for the work of his artistic friends Salvador Dalí and Arno Breker that helped Peschke create his own formal world in sculpture and painting. His artistic handwriting is unmistakable, and his talent is evident in all his works. His art is thus of a uniqueness that secures him a place in the pantheon of the greatest sculptors and painters of all time.”- Marco J. Bodenstein

Now, the artists estate is still alive through the built Peschke House, in Flintsbach Germany. We developed a concept to invite art collectors and clients to our art encounters as well as four year anniversary to the art filled property – which is managed by his widow Angelika Peschke.


The concept for the Peschke House focused on bringing art collectors together in a unique set-up. Invite them to explore the mesmerizing art by Christian Peschke first hand, by visiting his atelier, going through his paintings, works on paper as well as sculptures which are carefully placed within the estate. Each artwork has its own touch, feeling and inspiration. – Alexandra Schafer


Throughout the years, we keep the mesmerizing art from Christian Peschke alive while incorporating certain artworks in a variety of different projects and private collections yet at the same time we host annual get2gethers at this art filled location to introduce the art from Christian Peschke to aspiring collectors, host artist talks and more.