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Public Art installation by Christian Peschke @Alys Beach Florida

Believing that having art in an environment is part of the larger artistic thread of one’s values and DNA, the client was committed to enhancing the lives of visitors with artworks and installations. In order to create a destination of beauty and art, they knew they wanted to add an outdoor sculpture to their collection. With each new acquisition, they strive to continue manifesting an environment of beauty, diversity, and mindfulness. before the first lot was leveled, the foundation for beauty and art at Alys Beach had begun. The architectural and communal visions were strong, but also underlying the town plan was a vision for art in the community, particularly as it pertained to outdoor sculpture. Starting with the bespoke development of “Die Tänzerin” in 3 metre the artist Christian Peschke and Angelika Lunger-Peschke, crafted the form for the bespoke art commission to pour into the desired size and shape the unique marble. From the initial idea and paper drawing from the artist to form the sculpture for the public area as well as ship to the US – the process entailed from the initial meeting to installation on site a bespoke, hands-on approach.

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