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No.15 | Private Collectors Home – Hamburg, Germany

“Shortly after we were married in 1948, Bunny and I started visiting art dealers in New York and Paris… It is impossible to describe….in relation to my habits of collecting….how much Bunny´s imagination and visual acuity have influenced me. 

Our pictures…are lived with, constantly looked at, and loved…

They have become companions and friends, and are part of the life lived in the house, part of our own lives…I have never bought pictures as an investment, except as an investment in pleasure, as treasures to the eye. ”

 – Paul Mellon (1907–1999) Art Collector 


a quote we love when embarking with our collectors on their art collecting journey. For a young family in Hamburg, Germany we had the pleasure to advice, acquire, frame and install the works they fell in love with.