Full-service and client centric art consultancy based in Europe – working internationally on a variety of different projects.

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Happy Collectors Momentums

because art makes a difference

When collecting art, it is a personal journey – a journey about yourself over the past 6 years, we had the pleasure to join private art collectors and aspiring collectors as well as interior designers and their clients on their art journey.


“Art for us, is unique, inspiring and powerful – and we love to source, procure and buy the most exciting artworks from international career and indigenous artists for our clients – to engage, inspire and move them on a daily basis. Owning art, that speaks your language lifts you up in so many ways and we are grateful to join our clients on this exciting journey (with years of experience, an international team of art experts and curators, strong built relationships and excellent resources in the art world + own curated art database of international career artists to provide global access to the art market).” Alexandra Schafer, Founder VELVENOIR


Our goal is to provide the most compelling, unique and appropriate pieces for your spaces in which they will be seen. Therefore, we are constantly on the lookout for what’s new and exciting on the global art market through attending international fairs, visiting artist studios and gallery openings. We bring in an extensive knowledge about artists, galleries and dealers through out the country and around the world, have built a strong network of art partners which we are proud of working together.