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Concept Idea for 1010 Boutique Hotel Vienna

In collaboration with the team from MüllerValentini, we´ve developed and suggested the following scenario for a boutique hotel development company in Vienna. Reflecting the clients vision, philosophy and own art collection with the strong emphasis on 1930´s area – this case study outlines the holistic approach we suggested to undertake in order to position the hotel as the art hotel in town with an international  focus on gathering collectors, lifestyle connoisseurs and anyone who loves design, art, and unique experiences.

The owner, a family group passionate about art, philanthropy, and hospitality wanted to re-position the current hotel with their own art collection and a cohesive story behind for future hotel guests to explore but also feature their own art collection as part of the USP and tailored experiences.


The Challenges we encountered were: “How can the developed story be stringently told and experienced at every point of contact within the hotel  ? How can we translate the story into a sensual experience within the hotel, in a communicable form that spreads in the media, ads, blogs, film or editorial contributions, or even personal recommendations by employees, hotel guests and strategic partners – to develop an international “must-stay hotel experience”.

Through workshops, questionnaires and extensive research, we suggested to start on developing the strategic orientation of the hotel brand: What makes it unique and what is the central promise to its guests. The results of this analysis are condensed into a positioning that may (but need not) include values such as  mission, vision, tonality, but definitely gives a well-formed USP. The positioning /USP is the core and common thread for communication and storytelling and the art concept as well as permanent art collection.


“In the concept we were not afraid to make certain areas as unique and personal as possible. Which led us in advising on an eclectic mix of modern and contemporary art mediums – sharing hidden messages and trigger emotions while walking around the property. ” – Alexandra Schafer 


Within the framework of a strategic brand positioning, we develop the narrative core of this story and fix it in the sense of a formulated Unique Selling Proposition with the integration of the client´s own art collection as well as art installations by international artists. The concept tailored for the client should attract international trendsetters, lifestyle bloggers, art collectors to stay in the hotel. The new Hotel position itself through the suggested and implemented actions as  “the place to be in the city” throughout the entire year – with their own in-house events, mix-use of the space to generate additional ROI – through the tailored strategy and communication activities at the same time include their own art collections for guests to explore.


Special thanks goes to the artists and galleries from where we’ve sourced the art. All image copy rights belongs to the artists unless it’s expressed.

Art Consultancy Pitch| Art Concept inspired 1930´s flair & Hedy Lemarr: