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Boutique Hotel ALEX – Lake Zurich, Switzerland

A HOME FOR YOU – “Movement” a permanent art collection from international career and indigenous artists – now part of the Hotel ALEX Lake Zurich

A curated and tailored art concept by VELVENOIR was inspired by the surrounding of Lake Zurich, as well as the hotel´s architecture by Marazzi + Paul and the interiors´ designed by BradyWilliams, and the strong philosophy of the Campbell Gray Hotels – VELVENOIR, Ines Valle and Alexandra Schafer, have curated an art concept that speaks for itself through the original artwork sourced and commissioned from artists across the world that for sure will reflect the entire ALEX´s experience.

The art collection will allow each guest to explore more than just “art” in a hotel. the concept aims to countenance the experience in each art- work a “piece” of each territory, society and soul. Some artists created bespoke pieces especially for this concept, where the colors, history and élan of lake Zurich are playing a vital part of the inspiration for the artwork series – Inês Valle, Chief Art Curator