Breaking boundaries between contemporary art and interior design at the STEININGER Showroom Vienna. 

Taking contemporary art out of the “white cube” space and placing it into high-end interior design concepts to allow collectors to experience art in a completely new way and to gather everything from one trusted source – steininger.designers

Through  ART x INTERIOR  the STEININGER Showroom in Vienna is redefining the modern lifestyle in interiors, offering a curated selection of contemporary art placed in designs that are beautifully made, and tell a story of authenticity and integrity. This innovative concept shown for the first time is an open invitation to discover contemporary art outside of the ‘white cube’ space and a special showcase of works of art within the ambiance of an exclusive interior showroom.

Art consultant Alexandra Schafer (VELVENOIR) and Creative Director Jürgen Hamberger (steininger.designers) selected each piece to include a melange of site-specific installations and carefully considered fine art pieces that complement the entire concept. The curated collection holds works by an international array of museum standard established and emerging artists. These include abstract paintings by Chen Ping (China), Luisa Maria Hernandez (Chile), Dusica Pejic (Serbia), fine art photography by Jérémie Lenoir (France) and Javiera Estrada (USA), neon artist Olivia Steele (USA), sculptures by Heike Cornelissen (Germany) and Jos Out (Netherlands) and installations by Carl McCrow (UK) which are exhibited alongside both the steininger.designers interior design concept and the exclusive kitchens of steininger masterpieces.