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Art.Salon.Salzburg – a unique concept that enchants a cultural city

ART SALON SALZBURG – a unique concept that enchants a cultural city.


A harmonious interplay of art, design and music focusing on the famous concept “Salon de Paris” was a concept we’ve developed for the unique Location Gusswerk in Salzburg, Austria.

The Salon exhibited paintings floor-to-ceiling and on every available inch of space. The jostling of artwork became the subject of many other paintings, including Pietro Antonio Martini‘s Salon of 1785. Printed catalogues of the Salons are primary documents for art historians. Critical descriptions of the exhibitions published in the gazettesmark the beginning of the modern occupation of art critic.


The French revolution opened the exhibition to foreign artists. In the 19th century the idea of a public Salon extended to an annual government-sponsored juried exhibition of new painting and sculpture, held in large commercial halls, to which the ticket-bearing public was invited.


Around 200 selected works of art were exhibited, in a unique location, with twelve present artists from all over Europe, culinary and tasting wines by selected wineries, were part of the 1st Salzburg art salons and proved once more that the art market has much more to offer, as only the standard art experience a normal exhibition provides.

Our Concept “the Salzburg Art Salon” has been distributed to the full levels of the factory to provide not only more than 200 works of art to discover but also unique sculptures fitting into the overall concept as well as showcase various exclusive interior design trends or the ornate flower bouquets.


Starting at the Kunsthalle with tall fine art photography by the artist Johannes Weinsheimer, moving on to Pop Art by Luc Waring, to stainless steel sculptures by Ludwig Haas, portraits of various Chinese factories from Jixin Wang, paintings by Catherine Thruner as well as collages by Patrick Garner and scribble on the glass by Wolfgang Müller. The classic art lovers, there are now very rarely – the “new” art connoisseurs usually expect an extended program this day. We developed an original concept, which presents not only outstanding art but together with interior design partners we´ve incorporated various trends and design ideas.