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At VELVENOIR our globally selected consultants and experts strive to support our clients at all levels, to personally guide them through the global art market. From private art acquisitions to art concept development and anything in between – we are thrilled to receive a feedback on our services, highlighting our professionalism and passion for each of the project and client our consultants have been working with. Here is a selection of testimonials, per each consultant from clients they have been working with – to get an idea.

Testimonial for Alex Ray

“Alex Ray always succeeds in giving my projects a chic and sophisticated touch.  She is 100% reliable and works well with our designers and now I couldn’t imagine selling a property without her. Everybody who walks into my homes always asks about the artwork. Her keen eye for art and her sense of curation truly elevate the home to another level. ” – Joanna Wong, Pacific Union International

Joanna Wong, Pacific Union International

Testimonial for Catherine Gomersall

“Catherine is an experienced, enthusiastic and very competent academic thinker in the fields of contemporary art, publication, technology and film. ” – Dr Tom Penney, Artist, academic, queer theorist and bright young thing on the internet

Dr Tom Penney

Testimonial for Catherine Gomersall

“I have worked with Catherine as an educator and collaborator… Catherine is on a level with the leaders of multimedia and transmedia productions. I highly recommend her services and look forward to our future collaborations. ” – Dr Heather Faulkner, Photojournalist and practitioner working on the cutting edge of media technology

Dr Heather Faulkner,

Testimonial for Alexandra Schafer

“Recently I had the opportunity to get an insight at Velvenoir and its projects and to meet with its founder Alexandra Schafer and some of her team members. I was very impressed by everyone’s professional approach, high work ethic and depth of knowledge about art. I believe that Velvenoir is a trustworthy go-to source and partner for private collectors and commercial projects of any size – because art makes a difference – and Velvenoir has the right mindset and the heart in the right place.”– Princess Theodora von Auersperg
Princess Theodora von Auersperg

Testimonial for Alexandra Schafer

“The importance of art in design is, for many designers and clients alike, one of the most important factors in design. The whole design process can sometimes be worked around a clients’ artwork. Velvenoir is a great new global resource that will help clients find
designers, whose past work shows how they can and do incorporate and work around the artwork in a residential and commercial design setting. I think that Velvenoir will soon rise to be one of the most important and valuable ways for clients and designers to find
each other.

Nick Lee, Niche PR London

Testimonial for Alexandra Schafer

“Dear Alexandra, Thanks for your hard work. The hanging company was excellent and I appreciate all your work to make it satisfactory to both of us.”

Ashley - Interior Designer Chicago

Testimonial for Alexandra Schafer

“Dear Alexandra, the painting is just beautiful in the house.  The client is very happy. I look forward to doing more work with you soon.” 

Monique T. - Interior Design Owner, London

Testimonial for Alexandra Schafer

“Alexandra is truly an exceptional individual with a lot of skills with the ability to adapt in many situations. She is organised,
adept at time management, at the same time creative and very trust worthy. She has great insight and worked as part of the team very well – Having Alexandra on board with us really sealed the team and she was an invaluable asset. ” Andy O. – Managing Director, Private Company – London, UK

Andy O. - Managing Director, Private Company - London, UK

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