Inspired by aboriginal art

Aboriginal art. CULTURE. our story
Our story started back in 2013, in the Australian Outback. Traveling from Alice Springs up to Darwin, exploring the land, people and culture of Australia was an inspiring journey. 

It was there in the middle of nowhere where I decided to make contemporary art from career and indigenous artists accessible to anyone, while personally supporting my clients with all the resources and amazing contacts collected over the past years.

Right there where aboriginal artists were creating artworks on self-made canvas out of cotton, with  paint out of the plants growing in the Australian dessert – the feeling when looking at the body of work connected with me very deeply. It´s hard to describe – but I guess anyone who collects art out of passion or found an artwork that belongs to them, understands me right here. 

When I moved back to Salzburg, after having lived
in London and Sydney, I decided to launch an online gallery. At the time, (the online gallery)  was to be the vehicle for making exceptional art accessible and to share a curated selection of contemporary artists at a global level. However, VELVENOIR has evolved from an online platform into an international art consultancy working closely with our collectors and clients as I have realized the personal approach which I have learned throughout my time working within the hospitality industry was missing. Now, I have combined my passion for contemporary indigenous art and hospitality for all our collectors, clients and projects and are truly grateful to join on such inspiring journey.