PROJECTS WE HAVE BEEN WORKING ON transforming one project at a time for our clients through our global experts, know-how and bespoke services.

VELVENOIR brings a specialized team with an outstanding array of expertise and insights from various different backgrounds to each of our client’s endeavours. Our team goes above and beyond the traditional art consultancy services to fully implement a 360-degree approach. From the art sourcing and acquisition from international career artists, concept development for real estate developers as well as boutique hotel owners, installation of art on site, to tailored marketing material, PR and branding visuals – We support YOU personally through the entire process with our global experts.

Have a look through the latest projects we´ve accomplished to get an idea on what our global team is capable of – from a private art dinner for a financial institution in Los Angeles, a bespoke textile art installation for a luxury hotel in Soul, smaller art sales for interior designers, to an entire art concept development for a boutique hotel including tailored communication and PR strategies – We have you covered.

Alexandra Schafer / alexandra@velvenoir.com

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