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Our passion behind Q4

“By believing passionately in something that still does not exist, we create it. The nonexistent is whatever we have not sufficiently desired”, once stated by Kafka 

Q4 has been exceptionally busy, from ART BASEL to Hamburg to Prague and back to Vienna.During this year’s ART BASEL, we had the pleasure to acquire statement pieces from Hayv Kahraman and Matthew Brannon for our private collectors. Truly two statEment pieces who couldn’t be more perfect for their collection. So we were able to continue working full of verve on our project for the Andaz Hotel in Prague.

The myths of Prague will come to live in this unique hotel, directly located in the heart of the historical center of Prague. It’s architecture as the local heritage is unparalleled and spans many eras which will leave you in awe. While there are still some construction works going on, we had the pleasure to bring artistic breath to the excellently decorated rooms and suites. Based on Czech myths the commissioned artists surprise with all kinds of creativity.  

Meanwhile Miguel was at site in order to create his statement piece for the Bar area, which will accomplish the room perfectly and dye it in bronze shimmer. We cannot wait to see the final sculpture giving a splendid touch to the whole hall. Talking public area we were excited to talk to Jakub, a Czech artist, who will paint impressive murals related to Prague and its famous writer Kafka once the final touches are finished. Only talking to him has made us once again aware of the wealth of fairy tales and myths, an unburied treasure of the Czechs, where we can discover something new every time. We are sure we will have enough surprises for you next time. 

What about the suites and rooms you might ask yourself? We were astonished by the design and walking into the rooms after having seen all the construction plans, design ideas, etc. It was a very special moment to us. Sara’s art works enrich the rooms even more and it was a pure delight hanging them with our professional art handlers. Each picture was an impactful addition to the setting and bringing myths to life. Besides, the accessories in form of books and ceramics from local artists as Milan and David are giving the final touch and accomplish the narrative of this extraordinary hotel.  


Curious about Prague, the Sugar Palace and our mission? We are happy to share our shots on site. On top, luckily the fabulous lieb.ich productions visited us and captured tremendous shots for the Andaz coffee table book. They allowed us to provide you a look behind the scenes.  



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