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Le Petit Trianon, San Francisco

Photo Credit: Christopher Stark

Photo Credit: Christopher Stark

the power of art in the latest ballroom art curated by Alex Ray in collaboration with Liz Yisun Kwon to go hand in hand with the interior design concept by Applegate Tran at the mansion Le Petit Trianon – San Francisco

The 42nd annual San Francisco Decorator Showcase is a little bit of history repeating, given that this year’s house, a historic mansion known as “Le Petit Trianon,” was also the property that hosted the fifth iteration of the design event in 1982. On the National Register of Historic Places, the home was built in 1904 for Marcus and Cora Koshland, a wealthy couple who modeled the residence after the actual Le Petit Trianon at Versailles. At more than 18,000 square feet, the stately Presidio Heights home features 33 redesigned spaces, including nine bedrooms, eight bathrooms, two kitchens, a spacious front rotunda, a grand marble staircase, a three-story atrium, and two lower levels complete with several large entertaining spaces. It’s no surprise it’s also on the market currently for $30 million.

The designer’s own description of the massive lower-level space says it all: “18th-century Europe meets [the] 21st-century world in a contemporary ballroom layered through time, connecting generations with art, light, and music.” Vernon Applegate and Gioi Tran are known for over-the-top design, and this is no exception.

Photo Credit: Christopher Stark

Photo Credit: Christopher Stark

A phenomenally curated selection of artwork from ceramic vessels from Carpenters Workshop Gallery to pieces carefully curated by VELVENOIR´s art consultants Alex Ray and Liz Yisun Kwon includes the museum artist and Seoul based Seon Ghi Bahk´s mesmerizing coal art installation, followed by artworks from Josh Wafer, and the statement piece by Linda Horning fill the space.

Photo Credit: Christopher Stark

Photo Credit: Christopher Stark

It was essential to us to bring museum artists to this outstanding project – which included well renown Korean artist Seon Ghi Bhak and his mesmerizing art installations, four charcoal columns were carefully shipped and installed into the ballroom design concept – which  allowed us to break the boundaries between contemporary art and design for any one visiting the mansion. – VELVENOIR

certainly a unique project for everyone involved which resulted in global press coverage and many instagram posts.


The most Instagrammable moments will be found in the basement inside Vernon Applegate and Gioi Tran’s  updated ballroom. The expansive space, which once played host to many a cotillion with crinolines galore, has been transformed into a swank spot to sip rose and lean in for that first kiss. An ideal way of bringing together two generations—18th century and 21st century, to be exact—for nightlife and frivolity. – CURBED Magazine

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