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[rs_section_title title_style=”with_subtitle” align=”center” title=”BECAUSE ART MAKES A DIFFERENCE IN YOUR CORPORATE SPACE” subtitle=”what to consider when investing in contemporary art and how art consultants play a vital role within this process”][rs_special_text font=”google_web_font_Lato” tag=”h3″]As Deutsche Bank states, art builds, art questions, art transcends borders, art works… A corporate art collection should not only be focused on investment, rather it should align with the company’s every moral and value to become part of it’s DNA. Your art collection can be a powerful communication tool that speaks to clients as well as employees.[/rs_special_text]
[rs_special_text font=”google_web_font_Lato” tag=”h4″]In today´s world, we are busy on a daily basis, we barely have time to relax, take a break and simply enjoy the little things in life – especially when we sit in front of a huge to-do list in our office surrounded by busy colleagues in a very busy workplace. This is, were art or better a curated art collection comes in place. A carefully curated art collection, allows people to connect, builds engagement, questions and inspires them daily. Some believe design is the key, but research has shown incorporating original artwork does not only offer various ways to inspire employees but also allows them to relax and be part of the corporate culture the firm has to offer. In the end, the art collection should be strategically used, to make employees feel a part of the companies DNA due to incorporating team members of the selection and installation on-site process. This article will outline the importance of incorporating original artworks in a corporate environment and how to make the most of your art concept to benefit employees and clients alike.[/rs_special_text][rs_special_text font=”google_web_font_Lato” tag=”h4″]First, it is important to understand, art (any medium) inspires creativity and leads to an increase in productivity. Art / a curated art collection embodies the corporate value behind a firm, it reflects the innovation and entrepreneurial spirit behind a firm. The various different survey conducted over the years has shown well-chosen art makes employees and their workplace feel more welcoming and improves individual and collective wellbeing. More and more doctors have started to prescribing instead of retail therapy – patients are required to start with a gallery/museum therapy. I would also outline, art is a financial asset  – even when investing in emerging and up-and-coming artists. It all plays down to the art strategy behind and this is where an art consultant comes in to support you and your team with it.[/rs_special_text]
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[rs_special_text font=”google_web_font_Lato” tag=”h4″]It all comes down to know who is in charge of the art collection and concept. Does your firm have a selected art committee or are your managers taking care of it or even yourself. First things first, you and your team in collaboration with the art consultant, should develop an overall vision and strategy for the art, an allocated budget and desired location / spaces in the office or building, deadline and initial ideas on how to utilize it. Once those questions have been established, its about researching local and international artists and start the selection process with your team. It is a very personal and hands-on approach in order to best source and suggests artists that reflect your firms philosophy and vision. Additionally, artists studio meetings, or inviting artists to show their work are a part of the entire process. Once the art selection is confirmed and agreed with you and your team, the acquisition process, logistics, and installation with professional art handlers are the next steps. throughout this time, the art consultant, your art committee/managers and marketing team are sitting down to discuss a detailed strategy on how to communicate your art collection right from the start. Starting from your website, marketing materials, annual event schedule etc.[/rs_special_text]
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[rs_special_text font=”google_web_font_Lato” tag=”h4″]Your art collection can feature literally anything that you desire, from sculptures, interactive digital art installations, textile art, paintings, fine art photography to neon art installations. In the end, it all comes down, to the concept behind and the detailed strategy implemented to communicate your values, philosophy and passion for supporting culture within your business. This appeals to new clients and skilled employees. On top of the above, the art may increase on value over time.[/rs_special_text]
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