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Intro. – Inventio – Real Estate – Architecture, Design and art

We are thrilled to introduce the firm INVENTIO , founded back in 2009 by Tilo Hellinger in Munich.

(c) Harf Zimmermann

In 2019  Inventio celebrated it’s 10 year anniversary. Ever since the firm, developed, promote and coordinate individual and architectural aesthetically living projects within Munich, Berlin and Leipzig.

In selected projects, the owner Hellinger keeps on bridging the gap between architecture, design and contemporary art. Therefore, INVENTIO doesn’t not only collaborate and work with award-winning architects but also with well-established fine art photographers such as Harf Zimmermann, who’s works have been recently exhibited in New York at EXHIBITION „Parallel Worlds.

(c) Harf Zimmermann

Through his passion for contemporary art and  fine-art photography, INVENTIO developed a network of career artists which does not only include fine art photographer Harf Zimmermann but also  the sculptor Hajo Forster or the two founding member of  C/O Berlin, Ingo Pott and Marc Naroska. 

Architectural quality|  Pott is not only a co-founder of C / O Berlin, but above all an a very talented architect. His office pott architects in Berlin also developed the plans for the Opernlofts project, which marked the beginning of INVENTIO’s Berlin activities and ultimately led to the opening of the Berlin branch.


The building and its spectacular renovation reflects the history of Berlin after the fall of 1989, when numerous vacant factories in the city center were reused. The new name “Opern Lofts” is derived from the recent history of the impressive clinker brick architecture: from 1947 to the early 2000s, the building was used by the Komische Oper Berlin as a space for their props and stage sets. However, the construction is much older: the two-yard industrial complex was built between 1890 and 1900 as a factory for men’s underwear. The architectural office of Ingo Pott converted the old factory for modern living at the highest level and built a spectacular penthouse extension on the main building. In addition to some penthouses and townhouses, 25 lofts were built in the old factory floors of the main building and due to the two side wings – the name were established.

As part of the Opera Loft project, INVENTIO, in collaboration with the Berlin architecture firm ambrus + co, took over the complete interior design of a loft unit on behalf of a private client. The basic idea of ​​the architect László Ambrus is based on organizing the functional areas in different cubes and compactly placing them in the middle of the room. As a result, the dimensions of the original room can still be experienced. The industrial space becomes a ‘loft’.

INVENTIO has worked with Alexandra Schafer from VELVENOIR and the gallery owner of Camera Work together, to source and collect fine-art photographs from established artists which are now part of the owners private art collection and carefully placed within the lofts interior design.

INVENTIO – nomen est omen – aims to build innovative, individual and architecturally extraordinary building projects.

(c) Harf Zimmermann

(c) Harf Zimmermann

WILL N ° 16 | Extroverted and subtle, exquisite and impressive

Another current example of the architecture soft spot of INVENTIO is a brilliantly designed villa project in Munich. This project, currently on the market, meets the taste of an exclusive, often international and art-loving clientele.

Under the label  „WILL N°16, an approx. 9000 m² plot of land with old trees is being developed in Munich-Harlaching in the villa district of Menterschwaige, right on the banks of the Isar. The historic villa “Tannhof” stood on the property until the 1950s. The magnificent entrance gate and the surrounding wall from this time will be integrated into the new concept. For this irretrievable location, blocher partners based in Stuttgart have been selected at the architecture competition.  The architecture of the five city villas create an identity as well as a closed ensemble with an individual character. “WILL N ° 16” is a strong statement and an alternative to the projects that are partly created in the same, classic-looking architecture elsewhere. With their clear geometry in the language of modernity, the buildings stand out from the context. The cubature and spatial concept of the villas were chosen in such a way that they have the character of individual houses with invisible open spaces. The exclusive character of the property is retained in the new interpretation of the villas.

The selected examples show how carefully INVENTIO choose their projects. The managing partner,Tilo Hellinger, comments: “We believe that the key to success is always a new idea, a different path, a fresh input.” With this philosophy, INVENTIO always manages to decouple projects from the often arbitrary mainstream and to place them successfully with innovative approaches in the real estate market. 



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