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indigenous art research – adding cultural heritage one project at a time

[rs_section_title title=”PERSONAL NOTE FROM OUR CHIEF ART CURATOR “][rs_image_carousel items=”image-carousel-items-5″ image_list=”15525,15532,15530,15528,15523,14804″][rs_special_text font=”google_web_font_Lora” tag=”h4″]We at VELVENOIR pride ourselves to work with our clients on their projects by sourcing artworks from local and international career visual artists whether they are based in Europe and / or on an island in the middle of the ocean. We curate and advise our clients on Art, but we also show how relevant is to add cultural heritage and traditions into our clients projects.

Therefore, our art consultants and curators are constantly travelling around the world, researching and sourcing in different countries, villages and remote communities extraordinary artworks for our database.

To us, is important to value and respect the work of artists, as well as, to understand their cultures, traditions and convictions. We are now also making available original hand-made artworks from indigenous communities that have an ancestral knowledge of the land of centuries. A new resource that was possible with our recent partnership with The CERA PROJECT, where together we aim to open minds, share culture, history and originality from different parts of the world.

A new art journey, that will allow all our clients to access exceptional Western and Indigenous Contemporary Art for their projects – Hotels, Corporations and Residential.

Currently, we have our chief art curator Inês Valle is preparing herself for another 6 long weeks research journey throughout Africa, where she and her team will be visiting indigenous communities, artists studios and gems from astonishing private art collections in South Africa.

We believe that art is one of the most powerful investments in our society – never devaluates, but always adds a very special and strong value to our life.[/rs_special_text]

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