Full-service and client centric art consultancy based in Europe – working internationally on a variety of different projects.

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Working with career and indigenous artists together to bring culture and heritage into all our hospitality projects

Turn-key art consultancy for hospitality projects

Our team is specialized in art consulting, storytelling and concept development for hospitality projects. When we get engaged, we always look at the whole picture even long after we installed the art in your development.


“Consume global culture and connect with local communities – because we believe in the power of contemporary art.“ – Laura Lee Brown and Steve Wilson,Founder of 21c Museum Hotels 

Have you ever entered a hotel, with its own beautifully curated art collection? YOU an art enthusiast, collector yourself, yet didn´t notice the art as part of the overall hotel experience? 

Most of the hotels encounter this topic, when we speak with them about contemporary art, a permanent art collection, a curated program tailored to the hotel, its history, and city heritage. Through contemporary art, we carefully source, acquire, and procure from contemporary and indigenous artists and communities. Our goal is to inspire, engage, question, and enjoy contemporary art in the context of the overall hotel experience.

Through VELVENOIR, we made it our mission to help hospitality developers, interior designers, and architects on this journey by offering turn-key art consultancy services. We work exclusively on your behalf. Yes, on your behalf, because we understand how hard it can be to source artists, artworks, stay within the budget and dedicated timeline for each project, and yet have a story to tell your guests. 

Our role is simple, our team works for you! For your hotel, which starts with an art concept developed and researched by our art curators, reflecting the building’s heritage, city history, and the interior concept. Those are just some of the factors we incorporate within your hotel´s art story.

Once the story is set in stone, we start sourcing, introducing, and suggesting contemporary visual and indigenous artists – yes career and indigenous artists. Why? Because we believe in adding cultural heritage to all our projects, where we collaborate with amazing talents, galleries, and art professionals to procure artworks that invite hotel guests to wander, linger and understand the power of contemporary art.

Our goal is to work sustainably, with our set protocols to benefit our clients, their allocated budget, and the vision of the hotel.

At the end of each installation/hand-over, we host workshops for your team, to explain the art concept, artists, and story within this hotel – to ensure the knowledge behind the art and the concept developed is passed on to your staff, to ensure they create a memorable stay.


  • Research
  • Curatorial art concept development
  • Storytelling
  • Artist Suggestions and recommendations
  • Artwork specifications
  • Collaborations with career and indigenous artists and communities
  • Art Acquisition from visual and indigenous artists
  • Site-specific art commissions
  • Framing with family run businesses (not mass produced)
  • Procurement


  • Project Management
  • Budget Management
  • Site Planning for Artworks and Accessories
  • Professional Art Handling, Logistic, Import and Export Management
  • Transportation and Supervision of installation on site
  • Administration & Management
  • Documentations and tailored reports
  • Art & Communication Workshop


It all starts with a personal art consultation, a conversation to understand what you are looking for. Followed by us, preparing a tailored quote based on your requirements.

**Please note, our global team is  proficient in AutoCAD and Adobe Creative Suite and we do work with architectural floor-plans, technical drawings, and elevations – hand in hand.


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Interested in engaging our international and passionate team?

When working with us, we look at the whole picture - your art collection is about you and we are your art partner joining you on this exciting journey with all our available resources, know-how and expertise - to make it as easy, enjoyable and within your vision, budget and requirements.