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  /  Journal Entry   /  Contemporary art and sustainable design fusion at a family’s home in NY.

Contemporary art and sustainable design fusion at a family’s home in NY.

Given the international and global nature of this family, and how much they value fine art and culture, these elements became a natural focus when designing this contemporary home.

For a project in New York

VELVENOIR collaborated with the NY-based and sustainability-focused interior designer Laurence Carr on a personal art collection for a family home in the New York City area.With an art concept carefully tailored to the environmentally sensitive interior design concept by Laurence Carr. The VELVENOIR art consultant and founder Alexandra Schafer has introduced emerging to mid-career artists to the clients and worked closely with Laurence Carr and her clients through every step. 

“As a designer, the focus was on mindfully combining “positives and negatives spaces” – which is an architectural term for full and empty spaces – which are crucial for achieving balance, both visually and for those living within. And because it’s a Laurence Carr Inc project, another focus was design that supports wellbeing, where space, light, colors, and textures are each carefully calibrated notes that combine to create symphonic composition. Being surrounded by great works of art is an often-overlooked way to support one’s sense of wellbeing and fulfillment, so the pieces in this home serve a double purpose of beauty and function.” – Laurence Carr 

The curated art collection offered a blended mix, reflecting the family’s passion for international cultures, arts, and crafts. Amongst the curated selection of artists are Brendan Stuart Burns, Nike Schroeder, Damien Flood, Kaws, and Mirela Cabral, to name a few. A highlight was how beautifully the art installation from Laurence Carr combined with the Australian-produced indigenous wallpaper, which not only supports local and international artists, but also indigenous cultures.

“I truly enjoyed working with Laurence Carr and her clients on this project. It has been great to source and introduce different emerging to established international artists I´ve seen at various fairs and travels, while focusing on the works that connected most with the clients when discussing the art collection and concept behind. I think the greatest gift after completing was to see happy collectors and the final work we´ve completed together.” – Alexandra Schafer, VELVENOIR

On behalf of their collectors, the artworks have been acquired, framed at a local framer, and shipped to the location, where professional art handlers carefully installed the works on-site with guidance from Laurence Carr and Alexandra Schafer. This project didn´t just connect the international collaboration between two professionals but also introduced international artists to the collector’s new home. The result? A home with deep personal character and powerful statement pieces. 

Sustainable Interior Designer & Founder Laurence Carr 

Art Consultant & Founder | Alexandra Schafer 

“Working with Alexandra and VELVENOIR , a global art consultancy, has been an incredible experience. I feel passionate about supporting emerging artists, and about the high impact of investing in fine art as an intrinsic piece of interior design. The pieces we selected for this project elevate the design and help emphasize each room’s canva: colors, textures, and moods that give the interiors more depth and character than I could have ever anticipated.” – Laurence Carr, Laurence Carr Inc.

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